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B.B. Italias Alfredo

B.B. Italia and Ice

Caden Chin, Reporter February 23, 2023

A new Bistro and Bar has come to Sugar Land, Houston. B.B. Italia recently opened in Town Center on November 8th. This Italian-American restaurant is a traditional, family-owned business based in Houston. I...

Clean Juice

Clean Juice

Caden Chin, Reporter January 23, 2023

On December 20, 2022, Clean Juice made its grand opening in Sugar Land. They hosted an event that rewarded the first fifty customers with a coupon smoothie book consisting of free smoothies once a week...

Summer Moon Cafe

Summer Moon Cafe

Caden Chin, Reporter December 5, 2022

Over the last few years, I have sampled various boba shops and cafes across Houston. One cafe, in particular, caught my tastebuds with its sweet, creamy flavor of the coffee. With 38 locations increasing,...

Morelia: Gourmet Paletas

Morelia: Gourmet Paletas

Tori Wojciechowski and Eira Mann April 27, 2022

Located in a small nook next to Jupiter’s Pizza and Waffle Co, Morelia is a quaint dessert shop offering customizable, gourmet paletas. Morelia’s original store is located in Miami, Florida, and...

MTea and Coffee

Battle of the Boba: The Rematch

Tori Wojciechowski and Eira Mann April 13, 2022

In September, we ranked six different popular boba shops in the Sugar Land area in an attempt to rank how they performed based on their interpretation of the classic milk tea drink. We based the ranking...

Take it Tu-Go

Take it Tu-Go

Katelyn Lam, Reporter February 28, 2022
Tu-Go Kitchen celebrating 7 years!
Boulevard Bagels and Cafe Restaurant Review

Boulevard Bagels and Cafe Restaurant Review

Eira Mann and Tori Wojciechowski February 10, 2022

Gone are the days of stale, store-bought bagels. At Boulevard Bagels and Cafe, bagels are fresh and hand-made. This quaint and locally owned restaurant offers bagels with a variety of toppings as well...

JINYA Ramen Bar Restaurant Review

JINYA Ramen Bar Restaurant Review

Eira Mann and Tori Wojciechowski January 12, 2022

Ramen spots can be hard to find for vegetarians, as many of them use a meat-based broth, usually chicken or beef. Even when restaurants do offer vegetarian ramen, options are generally limited and are...

The Town Center Restaurant Race Off

Eira Mann and Tori Wojciechowski September 13, 2021

Town Center serves as the most popular spot in the Sugar Land area for new restaurants and bars. With its high rent prices, it’s not uncommon for new restaurants to struggle to keep afloat, with many...

Feng Cha

Battle of the Bobas

Tori Wojciechowski, Katelyn Lam, and Eira Mann August 25, 2021

Boba has taken Sugar Land by storm with tea shops popping up on every corner, strip, and neighborhood. What is this new fascination? What exactly is boba? And where is the best place to study with...

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