I recently started a job at Kilwins and I’d love to give a review on the place! Most people that visit and work at Kilwins are really friendly, so overall it’s a really welcoming environment. Kilwins is a family-owned business and has two locations in Houston, one in Sugar Land and another in Katy. They sell lovely chocolates, caramel apples, and delicious ice cream.

     My personal favorite flavors are toasted coconut and strawberry chunk. The ice cream at Kilwins are high quality, so the price kind of factors in this quality, have each scoop sit around $6.50 for a large scoop of flavor. The toasted coconut is one of the first flavors I’ve had; a light vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered coconut shavings. It’s a really unique flavor I haven’t had at any other place. The strawberry chunk is a flavor I’ve tried recently working and I could describe it as a Mexican strawberry cream ice cream.

     I personally love those, and it makes it really appetizing to have the sweet cream mixed in with the small strawberry chunks. They have options like cones, cone bowls, dishes (cups), and cake cones.  I would recommend visiting over the summer for a great treat in Town Center. I love the people who visit and the other students who work there as well. 

Thanks for coming on this journey of cafe and shop reviews with me this year. This will be the last story of my high school year, so I hope you had fun. I’ve had a blast these months and I hope you enjoyed reading my content.