Rare Tea


In March, a new location of Rare Tea made its grand opening in Sugar Land, TX. Their goal is to make high-quality beverages through unique brewing techniques and sources directly from the world’s best tea farmers.

One of my favorite drinks at boba shops is the brown sugar milks. The first time I went to Rare Tea, their Brown Sugar Boba Shake caught my attention. It was the first time I had seen that kind of drink blended. With a brown sugar milk blend topped with brown sugar boba, it was a nice twist to the beverage. However, next time I go, I’ll probably get the normal one since I like fruit ice blends more. I think the brown sugar sits better with just milk. The boba was also good quality, and there was no graininess to the melted brown sugar. 

The prices are a bit expensive, but still really relative to any boba place you visit. I think they are all getting raised due to inflation and COVID-19 affecting supplies. Overall, I suggest this place for boba and tea with friends. Because it’s such a close commute to my house, I’ll be visiting often.