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Caden Chin, Reporter May 24, 2023

     I recently started a job at Kilwins and I’d love to give a review on the place! Most people that visit and work at Kilwins are really friendly, so overall it’s a really welcoming environment....

Rare Tea

Rare Tea

Caden Chin, Reporter April 27, 2023

In March, a new location of Rare Tea made its grand opening in Sugar Land, TX. Their goal is to make high-quality beverages through unique brewing techniques and sources directly from the world’s best...

Exploring Capitalism

William Zuo, Reporter April 23, 2023

What was once a specter that haunted Europe, the specter of Communism, the most significant teleological ideology since the invention of democracy in Ancient Greece, is all but dead. With the dissolution...

Bean Here Coffee

Bean Here Coffee

Caden Chin, Vice President April 21, 2023

Just recently, Bean Here Coffee expanded their locations by adding another shop in Missouri City. Being the coffee shop connoisseur I am, I had to taste test the place for myself.  At first glance, this...

Bee and PuppyCat: Not So Lazy in Space

Stacy Saucedo, Reporter March 31, 2023

Life can be hard and rather depressing, especially coming out of the pandemic and whatnot. Everyone needs a show that just lets them relax and have a fun time with it. Enter “Bee and PuppyCat” a web...

B.B. Italias Alfredo

B.B. Italia and Ice

Caden Chin, Reporter February 23, 2023

A new Bistro and Bar has come to Sugar Land, Houston. B.B. Italia recently opened in Town Center on November 8th. This Italian-American restaurant is a traditional, family-owned business based in Houston. I...

Clean Juice

Clean Juice

Caden Chin, Reporter January 23, 2023

On December 20, 2022, Clean Juice made its grand opening in Sugar Land. They hosted an event that rewarded the first fifty customers with a coupon smoothie book consisting of free smoothies once a week...

Summer Moon Cafe

Summer Moon Cafe

Caden Chin, Reporter December 5, 2022

Over the last few years, I have sampled various boba shops and cafes across Houston. One cafe, in particular, caught my tastebuds with its sweet, creamy flavor of the coffee. With 38 locations increasing,...

Fashion Weekly with Luz and Fallyn ( Elliana Crews)

Fallyn Sanders and Luz Martinez October 28, 2022

Elliana Crews (Sophomore) Q: What are you wearing today?  I’m wearing a red and white crop top, green cargo pants, and my brown converse I splattered with paint. I’m wearing a mushroom necklace...

Custom Barbies

Anna Lin, Reporter October 22, 2022

In Barrett Swanson’s Harpers article “The Anxiety of Influencers”, a merciless piece on the emptiness of young adult identity reflected through the lens of the online world, he mentions a student’s...

Fashion Weekly with Luz and Fallyn – Max Zheng

Luz Martinez and Fallyn Sanders, Reporters October 4, 2022

Fashion interview with Max Zheng (Junior) Q: What are you wearing today?  I’m wearing an essential sweater, essential sweatpants. Also, my Jordan 1s with a waffle t-shirt underneath my sweater....

The Only Place We Gather Other Than End-of-Year Graduation is the Beginning-of-Year Assembly

Anna Lin, Reporter August 30, 2022

  On Friday I went to the assembly, as did every other CHS student present that day. It made me kind of mad, but they had no Q&A session with the new principal or any of the other administrators....

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