Clean Juice


On December 20, 2022, Clean Juice made its grand opening in Sugar Land. They hosted an event that rewarded the first fifty customers with a coupon smoothie book consisting of free smoothies once a week for a year. Of course, knowing about it, I went with a friend to be one of the first fifty to arrive. 

Clean juice is the only drink store that is USDA-certified organic in the country. Juices that are promised to be hand-crafted with high-quality ingredients and clean. The Sugar Land location has a small bar within eight minutes of Clements High School, so it is quite convenient to grab a drink throughout the week.

The drink I tried at the grand opening was “The Coffee One”. This smoothie provided me with a light coffee in the morning with a half-taste of banana. Fortunately, I love bananas but if you don’t like them then I do not suggest this drink because it takes half the flavor. Overall, a good drink choice for when I want some caffeine to be energized. 

My goal every week was to dry a new drink that was a part of my free smoothie deal so the following week I purchased “The So Basic One” smoothie. This drink consisted of almond milk, banana, strawberries, maple syrup, and almond butter. In simpler terms, a strawberry banana smoothie. Out of the four free choices, this is my personal favorite because it has a nice quality of flavor and freshness.

“The Tropical One” is similar to the basic one because it has a strong touch of banana. Three of the four drinks have bananas, but I like those kinds the most. The smoothie could be described as a pineapple banana smoothie with a hint of kale which gives it its green color. I would say this drink holds itself in second place.

The last smoothie is called “The Longevity One.” This drink was by far the healthiest tasting with its vibrant green color. It has the most plant-based produce like ginger and spinach but goes well with pineapple. I prefer sweeter drinks, but it has a healthy freshening flavor if you want to drink them before a run. 

I will definitely be continuing my weekly trips to Clean Juice for its high-quality drinks. Especially considering all the drinks I get are free! Once I’m off to college, I’ll probably give my coupon book to my family so they can enjoy their juices too.

If you are interested in trying this place for yourself, visit their location at 4779 Sweetwater Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479.