Summer Moon Cafe


Over the last few years, I have sampled various boba shops and cafes across Houston. One cafe, in particular, caught my tastebuds with its sweet, creamy flavor of the coffee. With 38 locations increasing, Summer Moon holds a high ranking among the best drink shops in Sugar Land.

There are two things in particular that make this spot so special. Summer Moon has a wood-firing process that makes their coffee roasting process so much smoother and balanced. Their brick, wood interior additionally builds on this aura of warmth in their drinks. 

As a teen, I don’t possess the highest tolerance for strong caffeine, so the cafe’s Moon Milk is a perfect additive to undertone my drinks. Moon Milk is a signature sweet cream that they inquire about in their drinks. However, aside from lattes and frappes, the place has much more to offer. They also have a variety of pastries and non-coffee drinks on their large menu. I personally enjoy the warmed kolaches that they make. 

The first time I went was with a friend, and I ordered Matcha Moon Milk. Although the matcha wasn’t as authentic, the Moon Milk went well with the bitter flavor of the tea. I also ordered the original Summer Moon latte in full sweetness, meaning full moon milk. It had a creamy texture and sweet flavor that lingered throughout the drink. The Moon Milk accompanied the coffee well and my sweet tooth truly enjoyed the experience. I spent about two hours at the cafe doing my busy work for school while I sipped on my well-worth five dollars. 

On another visit, I ordered their Frozen Espresso. I would describe it as a perfect make of their Summer Moon in an ice blend form. Espresso sounds bitter, but this drink was quite sweet, so it might sound misleading to bitter caffeine lovers. I would say my favorite drink overall would be the original Summer Moon, especially since it heats me up inside the cold place.

I would definitely recommend Summer Moon to anyone; especially sweet coffee lovers like me. There are several locations in Texas that are perfect for an aesthetic and delicious place to chill. Just be careful not to blow your entire allowance on a load of Moon Milk drinks!