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The 2022 Cutie Experience: Rehearsal!

Luz Martinez and Fallyn Sanders September 21, 2022

As the cuties competition is a day away, the cuties are finalizing their dances and skits for the big night! They must prepare for their group dance, individual dances with their assigned senior Clements...

First Pep Rally – 1 September 2022

Luz Martinez, Reporter September 19, 2022

Click here for more photos! Best view on laptop/computer :) We ask that you please give credit to the photographer when using/sharing photos on social media, thank you! Photographer: Luz Martinez (Instagram:...

Senior Sunrise 2022

Caden Chin September 4, 2022

Click here for all Senior Sunrise images. Please credit photographer if you use photos! Thank you :) Feel free to find me on Instagram @caden0424

New Year, New Rules, New Complaints

Gabriel Carlo and Stacy Saucedo September 2, 2022

The new school year is finally here and in full swing, unfortunately, there have been many recent changes implemented this year to increase overall safety. The majority of the students are unhappy with...

Treating the Injuries- Clements Athletic Trainers

Treating the Injuries- Clements Athletic Trainers

Juhi Godbole, Reporter September 2, 2022

  The athletic trainers of Clements are some of the most important people on the sidelines during any sports game. Whether it's evaluating injuries, taping ankles, or providing care for any of...

Head drum major, Lamha Mehdi, wearing this year’s new marching band uniform.

Marching Forward, Looking Back

Caden Chin, Reporter August 31, 2022

The Clements Band is a highly award-winning band in both concert and marching seasons. They have continued their success, passing down a legacy to newer generations. The band performs at football halftime...

MTea and Coffee

Battle of the Boba: The Rematch

Tori Wojciechowski and Eira Mann April 13, 2022

In September, we ranked six different popular boba shops in the Sugar Land area in an attempt to rank how they performed based on their interpretation of the classic milk tea drink. We based the ranking...

From Freshman Ensemble to Senior President: A Look into Clements Theatres UIL Leading Actress

From Freshman Ensemble to Senior President: A Look into Clements Theatre’s UIL Leading Actress

Eira Mann, Reporter March 2, 2022

To say she’s busy is an understatement.  Bustling between theatre rehearsals, thespian meetings, her leadership position, college applications, and AP classes, the balancing act is a heavy role to...

American Sign Language: Poetry and Storytelling

American Sign Language: Poetry and Storytelling

Tori Wojciechowski, Reporter February 23, 2022

Of the many languages offered at Clements, ASL is one of the smaller classes. While at first glance ASL could only be seen as the language of the deaf, looking closer displays the beauty and complexity...

How to Roundup your Valentine

How to Roundup your Valentine

Alyza Reyes and Frida Robles February 11, 2022

The local lovebirds have been quite stressed lately.  With Valentine's day being near, the worry of what to give your valentine is arising. Ideas from the student body have been taken to The Roundup...

Notes to Strangers

Laurie Samson February 11, 2022

It has taken a lot of effort for both students and staff to get used to being in-person this school year. Most students have gotten used to waking up minutes before class and then just falling back asleep...

One Lens, Many Perspectives

One Lens, Many Perspectives

Juhi Godbole, Reporter February 7, 2022

Freshman year- a year full of new experiences, different challenges, and a whole lot of fun. Unique in its own ways, it sets the tone for high school life and helps students find what they enjoy doing....

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