Bean Here Coffee

Just recently, Bean Here Coffee expanded their locations by adding another shop in Missouri City. Being the coffee shop connoisseur I am, I had to taste test the place for myself. 

At first glance, this Bean Here Coffee is probably one of the most gorgeous and fine architected cafes I have ever been to. I love open window areas, so the interior was the perfect place for me to relax and do some homework. Being only a twelve minute drive from my house, it’s a very convenient place for me to hangout with friends or do work on my own. The cafe had a mellow vibe and wasn’t too crowded making it a decently quiet place.

Personally, coffee and espressos are strong for me, so I ordered a classic 16oz mocha Frappuccino. My drink even had a cute chocolate drizzle coated on the edges of my cup. The coffee was great quality, common to the flavors I’ve had at previous Artisan coffee shops. Their prices are also verbatim leaning toward $6-$7 a drink. On the side, they have a pretty display of their pastry section. They also have other great options for people who don’t drink coffee such as various kinds of smoothies and hot chocolate. I’ve gotten their Frappuccino twice, but next time I ought to have their strawberry banana smoothie! 

For anyone willing to try a beautiful drink place to work or chill at, Bean Here Coffee would be one of my top suggestions. It is a very eye appealing place inside and out. I’ll definitely be going back to study for my AP exams!