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Hidden Bodies and Complex Familial Ties

Hidden Bodies and Complex Familial Ties

Grace Hu and Aanya Chand December 1, 2023

“Light cue four, go!” The lights faded on, illuminating the faces of the cast members, already exchanging their witty rapport. The audience immediately leaned in, entranced by the intricate set and...

Q&A with Coach Ellis: “The Process of Planting Seeds”

Grace Hu and Sarai Banh November 29, 2023

A graduate of Liberty University, Sadalia Ellis will be serving as Clement’s new girls' basketball coach. Although this will be her first year coaching, Ellis played basketball competitively for seven...

Ash Deo gets an award for JV at the regional meet.

Cross Country Chronicles

Aliya Macknojia and Emaan Prasla November 28, 2023

At the center of the cross-country team is a story of dedication, preparation, and passion. Dedication intertwines with preparation and passion fuels the journey.   Ash Deo, a member of the...

Harmonious Transitions: Embracing the Unexpected Arrival of New Choir Directors

Harmonious Transitions: Embracing the Unexpected Arrival of New Choir Directors

Natalie Johnson and Kylie Scarrow November 7, 2023

Choir is welcoming two new directors, Jade Blakey and Justin Shen. Blakey taught at Clear Lake High School for nine years before moving here and has ten years of teaching experience. Shen has five years...

Homecoming Game: Pressures the Players Face

Violet Guerra and Regina Cacho-bravo October 18, 2023

This event stands out from the rest, setting it apart from the other football games throughout the season. A sea of blue against a sea of orange. It's no surprise that the stadium is bursting at the seams,...

New Year, New Leaders

Julian Barkouda, Reporter October 11, 2023

Waiting outside the directors’ office alongside their competition, the juniors and seniors are hit with an unexplainable cocktail of emotions: Anxiety. Anticipation. Happiness. Who will be chosen?    As...

All Great Things Must Come to an End

Julian Barkouda, Reporter May 24, 2023

As the stage light streaks upon the auditorium stage, it dawns on a performance that will be a significant moment for all choir students. Being the result of the work and organization of the entire choir...

Age of the Ancients

Jonathan Lorine, Reporter May 2, 2023

The row of marimba players waits for the count-off to start so the show can begin. The second row of keyboards waits anxiously on them for the cue to bring their mallets up. The rack players stand near...

The opening frame of A Pandemic Reflection.

A Pandemic Reflection Documentary

Karen Wei, Reporter March 29, 2023

Three years have passed since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, bringing about great challenges and new lessons to be learned. In this documentary, four students reflect on their experiences of the pandemic...

Photos courtesy of Victoria Huang.

Beauty Week Q&A with StuCo Sophomore President Victoria Huang

Karen Wei and Katherine Liu March 22, 2023

Cheerful affirmations filled the school—drawn onto windows, taped on the walls, and exchanged friend to friend. In the annual tradition of Beauty Week, held from Feb. 27 to March 3, the sophomore and...

A Commitment to Serve

February 1, 2023

Graduation day is a day of significance for us all, as it is both a beginning and an end to a chapter in our lives. As you walk across that stage to receive a diploma, many doors beyond the school we’ve...

One Last Note

Rosie Hong and Youssef Selim December 24, 2022

The auditorium slowly fills up with excited faces. Some hold up their cameras, anticipating the orchestra performance to begin soon. The stage is dimly lit with many students dressed in formal attire....

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