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JV Football - Clements v. Elkins - 14 September 2022
Stacy Saucedo, Reporter • September 22, 2022

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New Year, New Rules, New Complaints
Gabriel Carlo and Stacy Saucedo September 2, 2022

The new school year is finally here and in full swing, unfortunately, there have been many recent changes implemented this year to increase overall safety. The majority of...

The Only Place We Gather Other Than End-of-Year Graduation is the Beginning-of-Year Assembly
Anna Lin, Reporter • August 30, 2022

  On Friday I went to the assembly, as did every other CHS student present that day. It made me kind of mad, but they had no Q&A session with the new principal...

Taken by Youssef Selim. Andrea Vargas and Valeria Perez performing at iFest.
International Festival: Culture, Food, and Fun
Juhi Godbole and Karen Wei April 25, 2022

The International Festival was held Thursday, April 14, from 6-9 pm in the Commons. Students can purchase tickets for $5 during lunch or $7 at the door. “I-Fest is really...

From Freshman Ensemble to Senior President: A Look into Clements Theatres UIL Leading Actress
From Freshman Ensemble to Senior President: A Look into Clements Theatre's UIL Leading Actress
Eira Mann, Reporter • March 2, 2022

To say she’s busy is an understatement.  Bustling between theatre rehearsals, thespian meetings, her leadership position, college applications, and AP classes, the balancing...

How to Roundup your Valentine
How to Roundup your Valentine
Alyza Reyes and Frida Robles February 11, 2022

The local lovebirds have been quite stressed lately.  With Valentine's day being near, the worry of what to give your valentine is arising. Ideas from the student body...

Beauty Week
Beauty Week
Sofia Lashari, Reporter • February 9, 2022

Beauty Week is a yearly spirit week sponsored by Student Council and organized by the junior and sophomore classes as their class project. “Beauty week is all about spreading...

October 12, 2021
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A Future in Color: Students for the Climate
Karen Wei, Reporter • September 15, 2022

Had the world been a painting this past summer, it would have been drenched in red: a deep burgundy for the heat wave that swept across the Northern Hemisphere, a red orange...

A Choice on the Pledge
A Choice on the Pledge
Karen Wei, Reporter • February 7, 2022

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for...

Texas Gets Two Seats in Census Reapportionment
Texas Gets Two Seats in Census Reapportionment
April 29, 2021

The U.S. Census Bureau released the final results of the 2020 Census on Monday. In accordance with the Bureau’s findings, the 435 seats in the House of Representatives have...

Mask Mandate
Mask Mandate
Caroline McKay and Aislinn McEnaney March 24, 2021

This past Tuesday, March 3rd, Governor Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate completely in Texas. This announcement surprised many and lots of opinions circulated. Many took...

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation
Ireland Blouin, Editor-In-Chief • November 1, 2020

Following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice at a White House ceremony Monday,...

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The 2022 Cutie Experience: Rehearsal!
Luz Martinez and Fallyn Sanders September 21, 2022

As the cuties competition is a day away, the cuties are finalizing their dances and skits for the big night! They must prepare for their group dance, individual dances with their assigned senior Clements Star, and their skits for the skit portion of the show. Not only do they have to do dance performances, they have an interview section to show the audience and judges their personalities. Whoever...

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Senior Year: Before and After
Senior Year: Before and After
Ciara Sanchez, Reporter • March 29, 2022

From the stress of the impending independence of adulthood to the relaxation and excitement of Senior Sunrise, senior year offers many opportunities that differ rather greatly from the other high school years. But senior year has not been the same for the past three classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the events and experience of senior year have been no expeception.   “Well I think...

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