Clements Love for Band


Ashley LaDoucieur , Reporter

The love for the Clements band can be traced all the way back to the beginning of Clements high school, when the band was small. There were only about 50 students in the Clements band when the program began but now there are over 250 students, not including alternates. Every football game where the band has performed has attracted a large crowd. This year’s 100 day project, which created the Path to Serenity, has especially enthralled the Clements crowd.  

The Path to Serenity show has attracted over 25 percent of Clement’s student population to both the homecoming game and the last game of the season.

“The first time I saw the show I was captivated, and in awe. I am extremely proud to have such a good band at Clements.” said Freshmen Jaden.

The love for the band can also be because of the size of the band and the fact that about a 15 or 20% of the school is in band.

“I would say that my love of band is partly because of how many friends I have in the band, and how much work they put into every single show that they perform.” said Sophomore Bonnie Olson.

Daniel Galloway, the director of the Clements band, has been the director for both the band and guard for over 15 years and has created so many captivating shows that the band is expected to perform excellently and they accomplish this every single day.

“I don’t think I would’ve loved band this much if it wasn’t for the hard work and effort that Mr. Galloway puts into every performance, and if it wasn’t for the friends that I already have in band who told me what a great program band is at Clements.” said a freshman performer. 

The hundreds of hours of hard work that every band student puts into each show proves how much love and dedication they have. This hard work is the one of the main reasons behind the shows that have wooed the Clements crowd for years and years to come.