• Students, mark your calendars! English 1 STAAR EOC is April 10th and English 2 STAAR EOC is April 12th! Good Luck!!

  • Come out and show your support for our Varsity Baseball when they play Bush HS @ Frankie Field on March 23rd @ 7PM!!

  • Show your support for our Varsity Softball as they take on Kempner HS on March 23rd @ CHS @ 6PM!!

  • Show your Ranger pride and wear your favorite CHS shirt on March 23rd!! Go Rangers!!

  • Be sure to show your support to our Varsity Soccer Girls at their playoff warm-up match vs. George Ranch HS @ Baines MS on March 22nd @ 6PM!!

  • Come out and hear our CHS Band play with Texas State University's band @ Auditorium on March 21st @6:30PM!! It'll be music to your ears!

  • Come support our Varsity Baseball team on March 20th @ Austin HS @ 7PM!!

  • Come out and show your support for our Varsity Softball girls on March 20th @ Hightower HS @ 6PM!!

  • Congratulations to the five students that qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament!!

The Round Up

“Ask Annie”

“There is this girl, who I like in one of my classes. We both talk and get along very well. She is super nice, kind, and treats everyone very well. I want to ask her out, but she has a very busy schedule and wouldn’t be able to date. What should I do?” – Confused guy123


Hi there! So, you can do two different things depending on the situation.


  1. Just to clarify, did she explicitly say she was busy and therefore couldn’t date? In other words, have you already asked her out, and she’s responded saying she’s very busy? If so, this is unfortunately most likely a way of her saying that she isn’t interested. If she truly was, she would make time for you and work around her schedule because the reality is, we’ve all got things on our plate and you should have a relationship where both people put in the effort. Plus, if you two, as you said, get along really well, there’s a chance she could just be talking to you as a friend.
  2. But! On the other hand, if she didn’t say she was busy or couldn’t date and this is more of an assumption you’ve made, you should try to go for it and get to know her more. You can start out by learning about what she does on the weekends and after school and what makes her busy through texting/FaceTiming. This can give you better insight on her situation and if you think that a relationship between y ‘all could work out. Also, Spring Break is coming up. She may be busy, but she has to take at least one day off to relax. Use that as an opportunity to take her out and see how it goes. If after that she says she’s too busy for another date, then you might have to just let it go. But, at that point, if she’s willing to make time for another date then try to seal the deal!


Either way, it seems like she is a sweet person. The worst thing that could happen would be her telling you she’s busy, and in that case maybe back off a little. Even if you don’t end up dating, it is always good to have positive people in your life. It’s hard, but at least either way you won’t lose her as a friend!! Although, don’t forget about the possibility that she could have feelings for you back. She might just not know how you feel about her. Telling her and going for it, if you haven’t already, may be able to make all the difference!




“I start to having a crush on of my classmate for several months ago but we never talk in my class. He was always stare at me when I look at him then whenever he walks right in front of me he always turn and look at me. Is it the sign that he also likes me?”


Hi there! The first thing you need to do is find a way to talk to him- based on your eye contact it definitely seems like he’s interested in starting a conversation! Maybe he’s just a little nervous so you can be the one to initiate the conversation. You could introduce yourself or ask a question relating to the class. That way, you can tell if he really likes you based on the way he responds to the things you say and if he continues the conversation. Even if it’s about something random- put yourself out there! The first step may be nerve-wracking, but you never know what could happen because YOU talked to him first! Go for it!

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