Revisionist History

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Revisionist History

All over the world, school children of every age, gender, and ethnicity learn about their history. The history of those before them and how they all shaped their country for better or worse.

During these times, empires have risen and fallen and some of the most indestructible civilizations have crumbled into ash. There are so many sides to the same story that it’s hard to separate the truth from biased opinion, but what effect does this really have?

How many people grow old with the knowledge that their history portrays them as monsters, victims, or bystanders when in reality everything they think is true has been derived from a (possibly) narrow-minded individual?

People have their own opinions about everything and history is one of the most controversial topics. But there entails the question of “Whose eyes am I looking through?” What side is right and who benefits from my ignorance? How is it that history for one is not history for all? Why do the events that shaped the history of the oppressed not even warrant a paragraph in the history books of our oppressors?

We teach history the way that sheds the best light of our own country, but by doing this we are invalidating the crimes that have been committed and the people we have harmed whose struggles will be forgotten.


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