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Behind the Scenes of CTV

Youssef Selim, Jonathan Lorine, and Adrienne Francisco December 8, 2022

Good morning, Rangers! And welcome back to another episode of CTV. Today we will be featuring a special segment. We will be showing what goes on behind the scenes of broadcast journalism to make an...

Custom Barbies

Anna Lin, Reporter October 22, 2022

In Barrett Swanson’s Harpers article “The Anxiety of Influencers”, a merciless piece on the emptiness of young adult identity reflected through the lens of the online world, he mentions a student’s...

How to Roundup your Valentine

How to Roundup your Valentine

Alyza Reyes and Frida Robles February 11, 2022

The local lovebirds have been quite stressed lately.  With Valentine's day being near, the worry of what to give your valentine is arising. Ideas from the student body have been taken to The Roundup...

Texas Tech Visit

Caroline McKay and Aislinn McEnaney May 3, 2021

Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock Texas, a city which has a population of 263,648.  Texas Tech is a public research university that was founded in 1923. Of interest for incoming students, standardized...

Why we need ASA

Why we need ASA

Leila Stewart March 6, 2020

I am the president of the African Student Association. Like any club, we have to learn how to manage meetings, socials, events, dues, and all the other usual stress that comes with organizing a club, especially...

Zimmerman Back at it

Ireland Blouin, Reporter February 10, 2020

After shooting and killing your 17-year-old unarmed son and putting you through months of emotional stress, only to be acquitted of all charges, surely there is no more I can do to harm you and your family,...

Photo by Adrian Pacini

Taming of The Shrew

Natasha Biswas, Reporter November 3, 2019

  The Clements Theatre Company performed Taming of the Shrew for their annual Fall Production. This show was also the new theatre director’s debut at Clements High School.  The beauty of...

My Journey To Senior Year

My Journey To Senior Year

Ginger Williams, Co-Editor in Chief November 1, 2019

“Ginger, You’re Accepted!” As soon as I read those words atop the Baylor website, I was at a loss for my own. I could not believe my eyes as I watched the fireworks practically pop out of the...

The Problem With College Board

The Problem With College Board

Chirag Mangnaik, Reporter November 1, 2019

College Board changed the deadline for AP registration for the 2019-2020 school year. This year, the deadline is November 1, 2019. And it makes no sense. College Board’s justification for moving the...

Inside the DECA Internationals

Inside the DECA Internationals

May 16, 2019

Day -1. Internationals. Florida. Five days. It seems a little surreal to be totally honest. As a member of DECA going as part of the leadership program, I am unsure of what is in store for me. As for...

For Your Consideration: An Inconsiderate Society

For Your Consideration: An Inconsiderate Society

Laurenz Quinto May 16, 2019

A girl is outcasted in a world that grows closer each day. She becomes isolated because of online gossip that ruined her reputation. Living in the cruel mobile age, this crusade on her can only end one...

In same-sex relationships, couples are often asked: Who wears the pants in the relationship? or Whos the man in the pairing? Thus, we had two guys dressed in the traditional wedding dress for the woman and suit for the man. The purpose of this photo is to subvert these gender roles and heteronormative standards.

Is Heterophobia Real?

Laurenz Quinto, Reporter April 30, 2019

“Why are there gay-only bars, but no straight-only bars?”   Go ahead and pat yourself in the back for such progressive thinking. Because you are absolutely right! Why should we, in the...

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