How to Roundup your Valentine

The local lovebirds have been quite stressed lately. 

With Valentine’s day being near, the worry of what to give your valentine is arising. Ideas from the student body have been taken to The Roundup where they have taken initiative to critique and recommend gift ideas. Some were unique and some not so much, the roundup has decided. 

The most unique gifts tended to have the best feedback since most gift ideas from the student body were overall similar, this school is definitely in need of some advice. 

“I’d get someone a necklace with my name on it and every time she takes it off it beeps.” Vir Seghal said. 

While this gift is quite unique, the roundup thinks there is a good reason as to why it is not a popular gift. 

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea but it sounds kind of possessive, don’t do that” Gabriel Carlo said. 

A necklace that has a response to the receiver not wearing it is weird, it sends a morally wrong message and can be toxic. Meanwhile, the roundup has recommendations to prevent you from giving your valentine a flawed gift. 

“I think you can never go wrong with flowers and candy, it’s kind of traditional.” Gabriel Carlo said. 

Flowers and candy send a message of appreciation and are not something of toxic morals, but also tend to be store-bought and lack the idea of sentimental value. The concept of taking time out of your day for someone signifies a better form of appreciation. Although, if you are just getting to know this valentine a traditional store-bought gift is a good go-to.

“Chocolate, roses, teddy bear, jewelry, and a Nike tech jacket.” Kamela Banks said.

This gift is more on the traditional side, but it also contains something of valentine’s personal liking. The addition of the personal gift, the Nike tech jacket, shows ideal appreciation and love for someone but also has more value than a simple traditional gift because the giver knows the valentine well enough to get them a gift they knew the valentine would want and enjoy. 

“For valentines day I’d probably get somebody an expensive bracelet that has some sort of meaning to it,” Emmanuel said. 

The idea has sentimental value and shows a greater degree of love and appreciation, but an expensive bracelet is not necessary to express that.

“You don’t have to get an expensive gift,” Katelyn Lam said. “As long as the gift is meaningful to the person receiving it, they will appreciate it.”

There are many alternatives to an expensive gift that shows sentimental value. 

“If you don’t have a lot of money, homemade things are good, or baked goods that you can make with your valentine, something that strays away from the ideal gifts are always much more appreciated.” Eira Mann said. 

Time spent or time spent on a partner can show a greater value than something materialistic because materialistic things are just like any other store-bought gift that will one day wear out, and is just more costly. Time is forever lasting if spent with the right one, it becomes a memory that can be held onto. 

“for once I want to see someone get a hat” Ciara Sanchez.

The overall advice Sanchez is sending is that something as simple as a hat can go farther simply because it was crochet or it is valentine’s favorite color. 

It is important to know your valentine, the perfect gift is going to be a gift they can cherish.