2023 Prom Review

Prom 2023 was an experience to remember. The dance floor was packed the entire time, with everyone vibing the whole time. Located at the Westin Oaks Galleria, prom was very fancy this year. The food was great and the whole thing was honestly just a fun time. However, there were a few issues.


Senior Layni Vasquez says that while she had fun at prom, there were a few things she wanted to address.


“They never played any of our songs,” Vasquez said. “We put a lot of time and effort into making that playlist, and we were really excited to dance to some of the songs, but they never even played them. Also, there was a theme for the prom, but it wasn’t really advertised or anything, and no one really stuck to it.”


Senior Alyza Reyes had some similar issues. 


“The songs were okay and all, but it was really just stuff you would hear on the radio,” Reyes said. “None of the songs we had picked were on there and the DJ wouldn’t play anything new.” 


Other people had no such complaints.


“It was just fun, man,” Senior Nikhil Praveen said. “I was just chilling around, and dancing and it was just a good time. I don’t think anything needs to change.”


Overall, the general consensus is that prom was a fun time, but there’s a little more that could be done to improve it for next year’s seniors.