NATURE: Earth Day Poetry Anthology Day Two

The following seven works center on themes related to the beauty and enjoyment of the natural world. Contributors: Riya Bhalesha, Jonath Mahatvaraj, Emma Tao, Bilal Khan, Leo Yu, Rachel Yang, and Ismah Agha.
Illustration by Zidan Wang.
Illustration by Zidan Wang.

Long thick grass circles your wiggling toes as you advance in.
Soft vibrant pink petals lace your fingertips with a delicate touch.
The fragrance of lavender dances around the humid air.

You close your eyes, scrunch your face, and the hope that the feeling of peace does not go away.

Gently you position yourself on the ground like a forgotten feather.

Your black hair fanned out gaining shimmering specs from the raging sun as it kissed your skin.
The palms of your hand press tightly above the dirt wishing to merge with the soil.
Like the roots of a tree your soul expands into the ground filling each crack with your light.

Your eyes open scanning the specks of bright enhancing colors flying around you.

Sweet innocent butterflies glide on your skin like butter.

Your hand taking its own life touching the wings of the creature singing nature’s praises.
Your eyelids close once again, chest moving to the sound of flutter, and your heart demolishing the darkness inside.

Little, wet and sweet droplets of icy rain from our infinite skies.
You stand there moving your feet swiftly to the music of the rain.
Your hands wide open as you spin the water spurting from your hair.

The droplets slide down your body back to the ground, your feet planted, your heart racing, your face wet, and in that moment you’re free.

Dark, glumly, and alone you wake up inside your fainting four walled box.

The stripes on the pure butterflies are turned into your clothes as you walk up to the small dusty window covered in mighty steel bars.

Looking out you no longer see the heaven in your dream, but instead the colorless grass and the angry wind.

With the word freedom running in your head, you sleep once again hoping when you wake up you will be in the arms of mother nature once again.


Deep in the forest, undisturbed and tranquil

Leaves fall beneath the twilight sky

In every hue they paint the ground

Natures canvas, a masterpiece


River’s dance, ebbing and flowing

A gentle trickle met with murmurs of the breeze

Playful banter from songbirds above

Natures symphony, a masterpiece


Majestic and imposing the mountains rise

Guardians of an untamed land

Frosted peaks reaching the sky

Natures grandeur, a masterpiece


Golden fields span the horizon

Wildflowers sway as time slows down

Immersed in purity and life

Natures essence, a masterpiece

evergreen, evermore
evergreen, evermore

green, the leaves are-
strewed about and clad the grove,

where i lay still and where i grow,
one with the sod, one with the loam
amongst waving hyacinths, i rest- i roam,
as they wave they sing, (they sing)
for whom they lark i do not know
while i lay amongst the mottled grove
with daffodils that plead, (that plead)
shut eyes, palms turned towards this trove
below clear skies with wispy seas
of frozen crystal, that move with ease- my
fingers woven delicately, with the moss
flourishing, and clinging to the heart of the earth
we are close enough to hear the beat (a beat)
oh! what beautiful heart that wedge between
still here i lay with my friends the trees
oh! those blessed deciduous beings, as
day turns to dawn and dawn to dusk, as

the ocean returns to the wave-
if leaves change their hue

if summer loses her swelter
when flowers wilt and trees are torn
when the skies become stricken,
and the moss lose their spores
the beat of the earth will carry on
no matter if you and i are gone
evergreen, evermore


The blow of the leaves coasting through the air
The wind providing bliss and happiness with no care.
The smell of flowers surrounds us everywhere
The feeling of nature and life is one we all should share.

Butterflies and bees buzzing, squirrels making their small sound
This auditory peace fosters a new heaven which I have found.
The bright blinding sun and the clouds so fluffy and round
This keeps us all grounded, as to this earth we are all bound.

This calmness of nature and life can be supplemented through meditation
When looking around the sky the sun shines bright with clouds allowing for precipitation.
The peace and solitude of earth and life connects us all as a nation
No matter any superficial responsibilities, our green earth can make anything a vacation.

The calm of the water, and the passing by of time
Can make us all realize the value in appreciating nature.
As the colors mix together and the sounds create a melody
To take nature for granted is akin to a felony.

The happiness one can experience when in nature with their friends
Allows for a euphoria which has absolutely no end.
Nature and our earth is a valuable human experience
And we should always appreciate any chance we are given.

The Love Song of the Rain

You fall as a beautiful rain

Turning the blue sky to gray

I watch through a glass windowpane

Scared I might scare you away


I dream that I dance on your stage

And that your storm clouds would stay

A sad rain drips down on the page

Wish you weren’t too far away


Your calm voice brings light when it’s late

Singing through dark nights to day

I feel like I’m drowning in wait

You come and wash it away


And as you turn white concrete gray

I hide behind screens and play

My fear of judgment makes me wait

An unseen string saying “stay”


Without you each flipped over leaf

Shows nothing new; just the same

But when you are here, each new leaf

Always shows a place to stay


With you is my heart’s favorite place

But home is where my heart lays

And all I want is your embrace

A touch that will always stay


Writhe and breathe in dirt.

Lament and loathe; six feet down.

Cold. Nothing matters

A lily’s Petals

A pond lily
Looking at me
Staring to the abyss,
or what people might call the sea

She sees not just water, but a world below
Where fish swim and seaweed grows
Her petals glow bright, embracing the thought
Dreaming about what she sought

In her dreams, she dives deep
Exploring a world where secrets keep
Among the coral and shimmer light
Dancing with the seaweed
Oh what a sight!

Crushingly, she remains rooted in place
Her heart aching for that waters embrace

To feel the waves and seas grace
She closes her petals as she’s denied solace

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