Boys Basketball

Basketball season is upon us, and there are high expectations for our boys in blue. Prior to the games, the boys have been extensively practicing and putting in work to lead our teams to victory! The coaches have been pushing the boys to work their hardest and keep a competitive mindset while maintaining good sportsmanship. 


Coach Daughters is a new addition to Clements basketball. He is the head coach of JV and the first assistant for Varsity. He has coached basketball before in the past, but this is his first year coaching at CHS.  Aside from being a basketball coach, he also teaches Algebra 1. Daughters hopes to teach his team how to “understand teamwork, determination, and hard work regardless of what you are put up against”. 


The members of the Freshman A team also look forward to their first high school season. They practice everyday after school and occasionally on Saturdays. Although they’re fresh out of middle school, the players have proven that they will put forth their best effort this season!


When talking about the team, Nicholas McEnaney, a member on the Freshman A Team, said, “We will never quit. We will always try our best to win.”


There are high hopes for this basketball season!