How to contact your representatives


Leila Stewart, Sport's Editor

With activism’s prevalence in the news and American society, many students have questions about how to evoke change and who can help facilitate action. A February 2018 poll by Quinnipiac University found that 66 percent of Americans are in support of gun reform. But how can the average citizen push for this modification?


Aside from protests, marches, and raising awareness in the community, students and the average citizen can contact their senators to evoke further change.


There are both national senators and state senators that may be contacted.


Contacting national senators:

Write to the national senators’ office in Washington DC at

517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

Or contact them at



Texas’ two national senators are John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. They can be directly contacted through their offices and personal lines.


To contact Ted Cruz:


Write to him at

PO Box 25376
Houston, TX 77265


Or email him at


Visit his office at

808 Travis St. Suite 1420

Houston, TX 77002


To contact John Cornyn:


Visit his office at

5300 Memorial Drive Suite 980

Houston, TX 77007


Call his main phone line at



Send a fax at


Or email him at


Contacting state senators:


To contact the capitol building

Call at 512-463-0117

Write to

PO Box 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


To contact the district office

Call at 281-980-3500

Write to

PO Box 541774

Houston, TX 77254


The state senator for the Clements’ community district, District 17, is Senator Joan Huffman.


To email Senator Huffman


Or write to

The Honorable Joan Huffman

PO Box 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711


Or call her line



Or write to her local PO Box at

Senator Joan Huffman

PO Box 541774

Houston, TX 77254


Or call her local line



State representatives may also be contacted. The Texas State House District 85 representative is Representative Phil Stephenson.


To contact him at his capitol office:


Write to

PO Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768


Or call at



Visit his district office

834 Third St.

Rosenberg, TX 77471


Or call at