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Open Letter: Influential Teachers

An anonymous piece by a RoundUp reporter in honor of Teachers Appreciation Week, from May 6 to 10.
Adrienne Francisco

Dear teachers,

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for all your selfless actions that may go unnoticed or are simply underappreciated. Although you do not hear it enough, your students are incredibly grateful for your devotion to our education.

Someone I will always be thankful for is my AP Physics I teacher Mr. Vijay Shah. I remember how I thought I would not be able to pass the class, based on how the first term went. However, having a teacher as knowledgeable and understanding as Mr. Shah allowed me to believe it was possible for me to do well in the class. He was able to explain the content in a way that would help me better understand if I did not get it the first time and never made any of his students feel bad for not understanding. Knowing that AP Physics was a difficult class, he was able to joke around with his students and always kept a positive environment in his classroom. Students learn best from a teacher who wants to understand them. 

Thank you to all teachers who strive for the success of their students and are understanding even when they are having a hard time in their class.

Another teacher who I appreciate is my US History teacher Mrs. Meredith Meece. She taught in a way that made it easier to really learn and better understand each individual unit. She always asked if there was anything we wanted to go more in-depth about. Mrs. Meece cared about our knowledge and understanding of the lessons, not just that we completed our assignments. Whenever obstacles came her way, she was honest with us if there was anything going on in her life that would make her job more difficult, even though she was not obligated to do so. Honesty between a teacher and their students builds a better connection. Regardless, any complications Mrs. Meece may have gone through did not stop her from making sure we were prepared for our tests, quizzes, and essays.

Thank you to the teachers who care. Thank you for helping us feel prepared, even when your own life and stressors make it difficult for you.

Finally, one teacher I will be eternally grateful for is Mr. David Clayton. I have grown fond of all my journalism teachers over the years, but Mr. Clayton has been my teacher for the longest of 3 years. I would like to thank him for believing in me. Mr. Clayton is the reason I started writing in UIL Journalism competitions. He remembered my writing in his Journalism I class and asked me to compete. At first, I thought why not? However, I had no idea this would bring me many more opportunities. Additionally, being in his broadcast journalism class for two years, along with the Quill & Scroll club he sponsors, I have been able to meet and help so many people. Of course, it is my own actions that allowed me to participate in such activities, but I could not have done it without a teacher as supportive and encouraging as Mr. Clayton.

Thank you to the teachers who introduce their students to new opportunities. Thank you teachers for taking a chance on your students. Thank you for encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone, even when we seem hesitant. 

These are just a few of the many teachers who have had a positive influence on my life. I am beyond grateful for all my past and present teachers for helping me grow as both a student and a person. Teachers have more of an impact on their students than they know. Thank you teachers for all the time and effort you put into the education of your students.

Best wishes,

Your student

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About the Contributor
Adrienne Francisco
Adrienne Francisco, Reporter
Hi, my name is Adrienne! I am a junior and this is my second year in the RoundUp. I am also in the broadcast journalism class, and I am a producer for CTV this year. Outside of journalism, I also run track here at Clements. I love to travel, bake, and play guitar. I am excited to create more stories for the RoundUp this year!

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