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Open Letter: Teaching is a Work of Heart

An anonymous piece by a RoundUp reporter in honor of Teachers Appreciation Week, from May 6 to 10.
Vasundhara Jayender

Dear teachers,

Thank you for your unwavering patience in dealing with us every day. Though being a teacher is often rough and unforgiving, it can equally be rewarding when a student finds interest in your class the same way you did when you were their age.

That’s exactly who I am in Mr. Russow’s AP Literature class. 

I genuinely look forward to your class every day and I might be the odd one out who actually likes writing Timed Writes. And as always, your taste in books is impeccable. I absolutely adored the novels we read in class – “Frankenstein” and “Fahrenheit 451” – and the insightful discussions that followed were even more memorable.

I’m beyond grateful you were my teacher during my senior year because you were always ready to critique my college essays (even though you read it about a million times already). It made me so much more confident in my own writing as well as guided me in the right direction to become even better.

In fact, it’s teachers like you who motivated me to pursue an English major in university! Even outside of my major, my interests had the opportunity to shine through Mr. Mundy’s theater class.

I’ve been a theater kid ever since the start of middle school and I was devastated to find out there was no drama department in my junior high when I moved to Canada. I snatched the opportunity to take it in high school but when I moved back, I was unable to take it in my junior year – the worst possible thing for a drama kid, I know. Even though I finished my fine arts credit already, I just had to take theater and I have no regrets.

Mr. Mundy, you’re just about the coolest teacher I’ve had and I’m so glad to have taken your class. The plays we read and analyze in class are so entertaining and I love doing monologues and performances. Even the discussions we have in class about relevant, real-world topics feel so important to me since we never get the chance to speak about them anywhere else in school. I’m extremely happy that I got to know more people in the thespian community here at Clements because I’ve gone to more shows knowing my friends are performing and I’ve even gotten the opportunity to help with the sets during class.

I really missed not being in theater that one semester in junior year and it made me feel at home when we started playing those theater games like Bibbity-Bibbity-Bop and Bang. Thank you so much Mr. Mundy!

These teachers have immensely made my experience at Clements more enjoyable and they deserve every ounce of appreciation they can get. So, I urge any student reading this to do something small to thank your teachers this week. I’m still in contact with some of my teachers to this day and it’s the most enriching relationship ever.

Teachers, I extend my warmest, whole-hearted gratitude and thank you for everything you do. All the details in your lesson plans, all the jokes interjected at the right times, and the lives you’ve positively impacted with your presence. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Your student

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Vasundhara Jayender
I'm VJ and I'm a senior! I love to read and write, and you can almost always find me doing one of those two things while listening to some music. I'm excited to join the Round Up and I look forward to writing lots of articles!

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