Clements’s Virtual Club Night

Last week, Clements High School hosted their annual club night to introduce students to new clubs available for them to join. However, this was the first year that club night was held entirely online, through virtual Microsoft Teams meeting calls. 

61 different clubs were available to students through the Schoology Clements Library course, with different links corresponding to each meeting. Throughout the afternoon, students were able to join different calls at staggered times. One of these meetings, Japanese Club, provided insight into what their club was about.

“Other than just talking about Japanese culture and history, we’re trying to be involved with the Houston Community,” club president Vincent said. “Last year we had students come over from a high school in Japan and spent a week with them. We wanna do more stuff like that when we can. Our meetings are every other Friday if you’d like to join us.”

Another group, Key Club, had club leader Paranavi explain the role of their club within the Sugar Land/Houston community.

We’re one of the world’s largest organization services.” Paranavi said. “We give out a lot of YES hours, which are volunteer hours. We have clubs all over the world, and it’s a really fun way for you to make new friends, make new connections, and get new experiences. We try our best to make really fun service opportunities too.”

African-American Student Association, also known as ASA is sponsored by teacher Gelyns McMennamy, who described the “fun activities and celebrations” the club hosts. 

“The group meets every other Tuesday,” McMennamy said. “We have special events we do during the year. In February, which is Black History Month, we celebrate actors, activists, inventors, etc. with different activities We also regularly participate in iFest. The purpose overall is to celebrate culture and milestones. Our sign-up is in the Schoology folder.”

Many had questions regarding how previous events that are regarded as a tradition for some of these clubs would go during F2F/Online schooling. Some clubs have moved their events online, or simply scheduled them for a later date. All 61 clubs and their sign up form can be found on the Clements Library Schoology page, under the folder, “CHS Clubs and Organizations.”

“We’re still trying to figure out how to make our activities work online,” McMennamy said. “Even though it’s all going to be virtual this year, we’re still excited to participate.”