Saying Thank You


The thank you card can be as simple as this.

The past couple of months have been hard for everyone. Some people have been working harder than others. A lot of people have been working from home or not working at all, but there are a lot of people that still go to work every day. Some of those people include police officers, nurses, doctors, etc. So many people have been enjoying this time at home but think of the people that have had to work extra hard during this time. All those hard-working people deserve to know that we are thankful for them. There are many simple things you can do just to show them that you are thankful. For example, you can send a digital thank you card to a police station or a hospital. You could also hand write a card and mail it to them. You can make a short video saying thank you and email it to them to brighten their days. Doing something so little can make someone’s days. Just telling them thank you will remind them that all their hard work will pay off. They are not the only people fighting COVID-19. We all are. Donating money to help fight COVID-19 is also a good way to help. Two links are attached to help with the funds of COVID-19.