Fashion Weekly with Luz and Fallyn ( Elliana Crews)

Elliana Crews (Sophomore)

Q: What are you wearing today? 

I’m wearing a red and white crop top, green cargo pants, and my brown converse I splattered with paint. I’m wearing a mushroom necklace or choker, and lots of rings, and a belt.


Q: What are 3 words you’d use to describe your personal styles? 

Baggy, skater, unique. 


Q: What time periods did you find fashion inspo from? 

90s and 2000s. 


Q: If you had an unlimited budget to spend on clothes, what pieces would you buy? 

I would spend it on new shoes because I love shoes. Then I would buy a bunch of cute pants especially cargo pants, Also lots of crop tops.


Q: What are your favorite colors to wear? 

I like pink and green.


Q: Do you have any favorite pieces to wear? 

I love jewelry, like custom necklaces and funky belts.


Q: What would you describe as your signature look? 
Some baggy jeans, a casual tee or crop top, and my converse along with lots of jewelry.