Aries Season


It is currently Aries season! But before wishing your Aries pals a happy birthday why not learn a little bit about just what it means to be an Aries. And of course the difference in characteristics in an Aries woman or Aries man.


Aries have the reputation of being what could best be described as feisty. Not necessarily in a negative way, more as they are fairly blunt with their communication methods which could be a little intimidating to others or incredibly helpful. So make sure to keep your fellow Aries close by when it comes to needing honesty. Aries are also incredibly spontaneous, and always looking for a new adventure to  embark on, life is never boring with Aries around!


Aries women are of course very feisty as said before but, intelligent as well. Before attempting to deceive an Aries woman you better have a good amount of facts to back up your claims. Aries women have even been compared to a burning candle in the human form, which would make plenty of sense seeing as they are a part of the fire signs.


The men of the Aries zodiac are not typically described as feisty but more short tempered.  So for future references it’s probably best to stray away from angering a male Aries. You’ll often see an Aries man participating in sports due to their competitive nature. You don’t want to be on the opposing team of an Aries man!


To sum up, it makes plenty of sense that Aries falls under the fire sign group. Their personalities are fiery afterall!