Virgo Season

Starting on the day of August 23rd to September 22nd  Virgo season is upon us. To simplify, if you or anyone you know is born between the following dates, you or they qualify to be in the category of being a Virgo. Now that the when side of being a  Virgo is clear, lets get into the traits a Virgo is said to possess.  


Virgos are said to be noticeably organized people with a habit of over-analyzing a majority of situations they fall into. Their habit to over-analyze goes hand in hand with their attraction to placing judgement on others. Of course all signs are expected to have negatives, and positives!  


A typical virgo is said to keep a humble mindset about them and offer much sympathy to those around them. A definite positive is their ability to act quickly under stress and although may find themselves procrastinating will push to get the job done.  


Of course something to keep in mind when it comes to virgos, there is an obvious difference between virgo men and virgo women. Virgo men typically tend to be hard headed, practical and dependability is incredibly important when forming a relationship with a virgo man. On the  other hand virgo women are typically seen as very self-sufficient, honest, and ambitious when it comes to their goals.  


Virgo season is a time to celebrate virgos everywhere, so take the time to wish your fellow virgos a happy birthday!