What Is the Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Happened to You?

Divvya Seernani, Reporter

Life is full of unexpected events, many of which are too embarrassing to remember. However, sometimes we can’t help but feel like we’re the only ones that have been embarrassed. Well, not to worry! I can assure you that everyone has had a moment worth blushing for. Take it from the words of your fellow Rangers as I went around asking them, “What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in school?”

“One time, in the first grade, some kid accidentally knocked my desk down so I started crying. In front of the whole class. It was terrible.” –Sofia Sadiq, junior

“Getting called out in class” –Kanika Draksharam, sophomore

“I don’t actually know. I tend not to remember embarrassing things” –Laney Tran, junior

“One time my teacher told me I miserably failed a test in front of the entire class” –Jonathan Ngo, sophomore

“I really had to use the restroom so I wasn’t really paying attention as I walked into the girls restroom” –Kevin Kim, senior

“Nothing so far.” –Loyal Xie, sophomore

“I hate questions like this! I can never think of an answer – it’s like I need a preplanned answer!” –Victoria Gonzales, sophomore

“It was the second week of school. I walked into the wrong classroom and sat there for a whole five minutes before realizing. Once I did, I just got up and walked out.” –Shayan Rasolkhani, senior

“When I was in the sixth grade, I participated in the school talent show. I sang a song by Selena Gomez, and I even skipped a line because I have really bad stage fright!” –Delina Yosief, junior

Honestly, whether we like or not, embarrassing moments are inevitable and always make for a good laugh in the future!