High School Reflections

To begin with, I never ever thought I would make it to my senior year of high school for reasons having to do with my own health. It’s hard having to reach this huge milestone just for it to be gone in a split second. I personally never thought this virus would be as serious as it is. When I got the notification that our Spring Break was extended, I knew we wouldn’t be back in our high school classrooms and hallways for a long time. It’s unfair for it to end this way. I imagined my senior year to end with prom, senior trip, skip day(s) and most importantly graduation. Walking the stage is very important to me, as my years in high school were probably the hardest years I’ve lived through. I wanted to be surrounded by the people I love and care about, but as of right now I’m looking to graduate through a computer. 

  My first two years of high school were the worst in my opinion, there are too many things to be said about those two years that should be left alone and in the past. My last two years of high school, besides all that is going on right now, are my favorite. I first moved to Sugar Land during the summer of 2018 and things instantly got better for me. I started my junior year here at Clements, and it completely changed the way I viewed life and how I should be living it. I’ve learned so much in the little time I’ve been here, especially about cultures. I’ve never gone to such a diverse school, let alone an area, and it’s beautiful. So beautiful. Where I’m from, which is mostly Hispanics, don’t really appreciate the many different cultures like Clements does. (Sorry, Brownsville.) I’m glad I chose to come to Clements because I don’t think I would’ve learned as much as I did here than anywhere else. I’ve also made so many amazing friends that I know I’ll keep in touch with after high school. It’s unfortunate that it had to end so soon. 

I care a lot about the people I meet and the memories I make, which is probably why this quarantine has been affecting me so much. It’s hard staying inside when all you want to do is see your friends and other people you love. I feel as if there are just a lot of precious moments being wasted. Questions about prom and graduation are still up in the air, and we have no choice but to wait for answers. I’m stuck with high hopes that things will go back to normal, and soon. We seniors deserve the ending we’ve been dreaming of since we started high school.