Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is a time of worshiping gods and celebrating with fireworks. 

2019 was the year of the Pig, 2020 is the year of the Rat. During Chinese New Year, fireworks are often used as a way to celebrate the upcoming year. This year, the city of Houston will be celebrating Chinese New Year at the Chinese community center on Jan. 25. 


This year for the event, there are restrictions on what cities in China can use fireworks due to air pollution. Besides the new restriction, there are also traditions expected to obey. For example some of the rules are that sharp objects are not permitted, and visiting your wives in laws is considered bad luck. It is also not advised to clean during the celebration time. 


The Chinese culture believes in luck within certain numbers, colors, and animals. In 2019 lucky numbers were 2, 5, and 8. The lucky colors were yellow, gray, brown and gold. This year the lucky numbers are 2 and 3 and the lucky colors are believed to be blue, gold, and green. 


Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate a new beginning. It allows the Chinese culture to be spread to all people, even to people of other nationalities.