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School Security

Jamison Shorter, Reporter October 27, 2023

Five people were wounded during the shooting at Morgan State University on Oct. 4, 2023, at 9:30 p.m. The shooting occurred over a dispute between two groups and led to three people seen on film firing...

Drawing by Stacy Saucedo (@mariiii_gh0stling)

The Case for a Virtual…Everything

Karen Wei, Reporter September 27, 2023

From club meetings to school festivities, volunteer opportunities to study sessions, extracurriculars offer students a means to connect with like-minded peers and develop their interests, fostering friendship...

The Beauty of Beauty Week

Fallyn Sanders, Reporter May 24, 2023

Beauty Week is a yearly event that takes place one week during the school year. However, fellow students found Beauty Week “useless” or “unnecessary”.    Beauty Week should be embraced...

Credit: @mariiii_gh0stling

The Case for Fighting News Fatigue

Karen Wei, Reporter February 13, 2023

Tragedy buries tragedy anew. New stories continuously take the places of the old, brought to us photo by photo, word by word, compounding to form accounts of suffering, rampant, and injustice even more...

A Future in Color: Students for the Climate

Karen Wei, Reporter September 15, 2022

Had the world been a painting this past summer, it would have been drenched in red: a deep burgundy for the heat wave that swept across the Northern Hemisphere, a red orange for the wildfires that followed,...

The Only Place We Gather Other Than End-of-Year Graduation is the Beginning-of-Year Assembly

Anna Lin, Reporter August 30, 2022

  On Friday I went to the assembly, as did every other CHS student present that day. It made me kind of mad, but they had no Q&A session with the new principal or any of the other administrators....

Fashion Weekly with Luz & Fallyn

Luz Martinez and Fallyn Sanders August 17, 2022

Exploring the diverse types of fashion in Clements High School with Luz & Fallyn! First Interview: Elle Nguyen (Junior)  Q: What are you wearing today?  A: Today I am wearing a graphic tee....

Valentines Day At Clements

Aislinn McEnaney and Caroline McKay February 2, 2022

Whether you like it or not, Valentine's day is right around the corner. Valentine's day this year falls on February fourteenth which is a Monday. Some aren't so happy about it being on a school day this...

The Town Center Restaurant Race Off

Eira Mann and Tori Wojciechowski September 13, 2021

Town Center serves as the most popular spot in the Sugar Land area for new restaurants and bars. With its high rent prices, it’s not uncommon for new restaurants to struggle to keep afloat, with many...

Discovering the 5 love languages

Discovering the 5 love languages

Leila Stewart February 10, 2020

For the past month, I’ve been reading Gary Chapman’s book about the “5 Love Languages,” and since finishing, my perspective on all of the relationships in my life has drastically changed… for...

Chinese New Year

Caroline McKay and Aislinn McEnaney January 17, 2020

  Chinese New Year is a time of worshiping gods and celebrating with fireworks.  2019 was the year of the Pig, 2020 is the year of the Rat. During Chinese New Year, fireworks are often used...

Love whats there

Love what’s there

Ginger Williams, Co-Editor in Chief March 8, 2019

Nowadays, people are unsure of what is to come every single day. There is always a possibility of something so horrible, something unspeakable occuring in our world. Anywhere you go, you have no idea what...

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