Thoughts on Body Image


Ashley Ladoucieur

The media glorifies thin bodies for girls and muscular bodies for guys. This glorification has caused many perfectly healthy teens and adults to develop a body dysphoria.

When someone develops a body dysphoria they gear their negative thoughts towards a certain body part or their body as a whole. Whenever those with a body dysphoria looks in the mirror they only see imperfections and flaws.

Whenever we look in a mirror we see imperfections and we see flaws that almost no one else sees. These imperfections and flaws that only we can see cause us to have a negative view on our own body and the bodies around us.

The negative views on bodies that have developed over time have caused our society to start caring more about  perfection and less about healthy minds and healthy bodies.

When did we first start thinking like this? When did body perfection become bigger than social perfections?

Our main focus should be on our social lives, not our body types and shapes. Everyone has a unique shape and a unique mindset but one mindset that we should all have is a positive one. This positivity  can be fostered by having a strong sense of self worth and a strong social atmosphere.