Students look forward to summer adventures

Students look forward to summer adventures

Zehra Jaffari and Divvya Seernani

After a successful school year with large amounts of school work, many students are looking forward to Summer 2017. Transitioning to new grades and starting new chapters of their lives, students share what they are looking forward to most this coming June and July before the school year starts back up again in the fall. Let’s see what students have to say:

“I can’t wait to finally relax this summer and visit my sister and mom in Washington.”

-Evelyn Huang, Junior


“ This summer I have internships in business technology, and I am going to California to go jet skiing.”

-Micah Bong, Senior

“I want to eat a lot of burritos this summer and study for SAT because I will be a junior next year.”

-Aaron Guo, Sophomore

“I can’t wait to fix my sleeping schedule this summer.”

-Meghan Muppala, Junior

“This summer I will be traveling to California, and I’ll be taking online summer school.”

-Shreya Subramanya, Junior

“In June, I’ll be on a Cruise, and I’ll be able to explore Mexico and the Caribbean. Also, I am visiting Denver and Chicago with my family. This summer will be the most relaxing and fun.”

-Saman Akhtar, Freshman

“I can’t wait to travel to Italy this summer with my family.”

-AJ Williams, Senior

“This summer will be all about hanging out with friends and family, playing volleyball and basketball, and I’ll be traveling to Maryland.”

-Esmantu Kamara, Junior