Protect others by driving safe

Divvya Seernani, Managing Editor

“Someone call 911!” 

Lights flashed all at once. First white, then black.
The trees flew in the sky with rotating tricks, spinning and spinning… and spinning… and spinning.

“I love you, mom” I told myself,
As my breath slipped away.
“I love you, dad” I told myself,
This was going to be my last day.
“I love you, Maya” I cried aloud,
Tears streaming down my face.
“I love you, Madhavi” I cried again,
I’ll see you in another place.

“I love you, Anjana” my bestest friend,
I hope our memories live forever.
“I love you, Krishan” my closest cousin,
I’m sorry we can’t reach our dreams together.
“I love you, Masi” the greatest Aunt,
You made feel so safe.
“I love you, Shivani” my third, unformal sister,
You taught me to be brave.

I love you, all who touched my life,
Just know it wasn’t me.
I love you, all who touched my life,
The others weren’t as safe as they should be.

Driving is not a skill, it is a responsibility

‘Cool’ is just an excuse for being ‘Careless.’
Speeding is an excuse for ‘Impatience.’
and No safety is an excuse for ‘Murder.’

Other drivers put their lives in your hands when they get on the road. If you don’t care about yours, at least show consideration for theirs.