Make the flu fly bye bye

Divvya Seernani, Managing Editor

There are only two kinds of people at Clements – those who come to school sick and those who suffer from the germy students who don’t stay home. It’s because of exemptions, really, so the only way to survive this COLD time of year (excuse the pun) is through hard-core prevention methods. I’m no doctor, but I’ve been through this enough times – try four years – to know just what it takes to prevent major infections and sore throats that others can’t seem to help passing around.

The best way to decide a course of action is by determining the symptoms and taking it from there.

Remember that every now and then symptoms begin to change. For example, a cold may present itself at first, only to go away and turn into a severely sore throat. That is why it’s important to constantly monitor how the body is feeling to be able to add to or change parts of the treatment plan.

But despite any sickness that emerges, always do these three things that are often overlooked (they could be the reason for getting sick):

  1. Drink at least 64 fl. oz. of water to help flush out toxins.
  2. Sneeze and cough with nose and mouth covered. These germs can travel as fast as 200 mph.
  3. Don’t share food and drinks with friends and family – there’s enough time to do that when your germs aren’t everywhere.

And most importantly, one must know how to stay hygienic at all times. I mean seriously, if you’re going to give something out it might as well be food!