Evelyn Huang kicks off girls varsity soccer season with positive outlook

Divvya Seernani, Managing Editor

They’re tough. They’re hard working. They’re our very own Varsity Soccer girls!

Every year, Lady Rangers Varsity Soccer leaves the school stunned at their impeccable work ethic and team spirit displayed all throughout the season.

We were able to talk to Varsity’s defensive midfield, Evelyn Huang, and she told us everything that goes on behind the scenes to help the team stay focused and successful.

“We basically just do what all good soccer teams do, which is listen to the coach and captions; we talk about our mistakes and see our options to fix them,” she said.

But listening to coaches, making changes, and being cooperative isn’t always easy. A team is made of people with all different personalities so sometimes it can be hard to form a cohesive unit – that’s why we admire this team so much. They even have a special chant to rile them up before a game.

“So all the captains get in the middle of the huddle and we all jump and yell. Then when the captains stop we say, “Rangers *clap twice* Whoo!” Huang said.

Wow, that’s adorable… and maybe even a little intimidating.

But so much positivity radiating from one team is not automatic. Team members have to work towards a good attitude to take them where they want to go. Huang began explaining how the team maintains a certain perspective to ensure the best results when on the field.

“As an individual, you can’t just think about yourself because when you’re on the field, you play as a team,” she said.

In order to be as effective as possible, it is important to think about the team first. This perspective, in fact, is crucial for any member of a team. Ever heard of the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in team”?

In addition, Huang mentioned how being part of a team requires more than just showing up to meetings or practices; hard work is key.

“We all practice during and after school, and we run a lot to improve our conditioning,” Huang said.

Every year, however, new players are added on the team and until they become accustomed to the grind from being on a varsity team, extra practice is a must.

“Because we have new players in the team, it definitely creates a need for more practice so that we can be uniform in how we play,” Huang said.

She hopes that their dedication will soon pay off and send the team to playoffs.

“I’m hoping that we reach state and if we have enough confidence and strength in our playing, then I think we can reach there,” Huang said.

There’s no doubt here that these girls will definitely make it there. Right now their biggest season competitor is Ridgepoint and when they make it to the playoffs, Huang feels that their biggest competitor will be schools from Katy.

Girls Varsity Soccer is currently hard at work to make their season a great one; it’ll be fun to see how far they come. Go Rangers!