UH Cougars take over Houston

Divvya Seernani, Managing Editor

From stadium nachos to backyard barbecues, football is a popular sport that entails American pop culture. Seen on most high school and college campuses, football brings people together in a sense of spirit and support for the team they love. This shows and continues to show tremendously at the University of Houston.

The UH Cougars entered the big leagues this past year after winning the Peach Bowl under recently hired head coach, Tom Herman. Herman started his job as head coach in 2014 with a lot of work on his hands. The UH football team played at a mediocre level so the team wasn’t necessarily bad, but there was definitely room for improvement. Come 2015, the UH Cougars came out more fierce than ever with effective plays and game strategies. Losing only 1 game the entire conference, they fought their way to semi-finals and later overcame the Florida State Seminoles in the finals; however, these battles to victory, no matter how glorious, come with both sweat and tears.

UH winning the Peach Bowl in 2015 laid out a whole new road map for where this team is headed. There is effective leadership, great teamwork, and enormous amounts of potential coming from this team that the only way to go is up, and that’s exactly what Tom Herman is doing with this team. The first game of the UH season, the Cougars played and won against OU, the team ranked second in the ‘Big 12’, a conference that ranks the top 12 college football teams around the nation. Ever since then, there has been no looking back; UH saw consecutive wins for the next four weeks. Although their sixth game in, the most recent one against Navy, they lost by one touchdown leaving the score at 46-40, but hey, it’s just one game!

That’s the wonderful thing about students, faculty, and alumni from the University of Houston – their support is never ending! Despite performances in previous seasons by the UH Cougars, team spirit continued to circulate the campus for years. And now? Now it is only increasing. The season looks good for UH as they continue to play relentlessly each week so these cougar paws are ready to snatch away more victories! Go Coogs!!