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Art in Modern Society: AI: The Downfall of Mankind’s Creative Mind (Part 1)

Art, an expression of the application of human creative skill and imagination. 


AI is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.


These two words only have one thing in common. They both start with the letter “a”.


The use of artificial intelligence to generate images, essays, poems and so much more is becoming popular with the population. Especially with the creation of SORA AI, which is an AI “art”  Model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. It facilitates the use of this new “art form” as a way to replace humans and their artwork. These have been in contention lately. With these upcoming AI programs, many artists are stuck in a small corner, either trying to compete against AI to see who can make products faster or people giving up entirely.


It is important to value art and its properties because, without art, human emotions and creativity simply become a waste. Truly, humanity will be no different than a robot.


Art is a tool that people use to express themselves, and for something to be considered as that it must have some sort of human emotion. When one looks at AI art, it is notable that there is little to no expression or emotion in the pieces it produces. AI can never replicate a piece from humans because they can’t be trained to be human. For some people that may appear as a work in progress but AI-generated images simply cannot understand emotions – no amount of code or paragraphs of words can make that into a reality. 


However, another issue that arises when creating these machines is that they steal art styles from other artists. Not to mention how most of the programmers who make these AI machines tend to steal from artist’s art styles, without even letting them know. This can bring even more artists to question whether or not continuing in the field is even worth it.


Ultimately when viewing AI Art, it has little to any sort of resemblance to human emotions and imagination. While one could write a prompt a whole paragraph full of description and emotion. That does not mean it will come out like that and comparing that to sketching and drawing people will notice the amount of sheer human mind of endless possibilities at work. People need to view becoming a better artist as a journey. A journey in which people develop new techniques. Similar to how sports and other physical talents work, one cannot just be good at it, all one needs to do is to practice it. Place one’s mind into the work and the piece will pay it off.  


Not every aspect can be viewed as negative when discussing AI Art Bots. Firstly, it is cheaper and quicker to make. It does not require a lot of time to make something and does not require payment since you have a certain amount of tries on the AI Illustrator bots to create what closely resembles one’s desire. It makes getting into one of the many fields of art easier to get into and you could learn how to draw characters more proportionately correctly.  


Even then, the issue arises when people begin to replace the process of art, there are reasons why animators, videographers, and photographers go through the long tedious process. It brings them joy and fulfillment that they are the ones who made the product. Simply because the internet is becoming more accessible for people, does not make it where anyone could have that sort of access. Traditional forms of art also exist and can be much more reliable than digital forms; they are physical and can be sorted somewhere to be safe and used when needed without the internet. Not to mention how some digital pieces could be more susceptible to being stolen away by programmers to replicate the art styles for a cheap AI bot. Using references from AI is not necessarily wrong, but the idea of using what could be a very flawed image of the body portions of a being can skew one’s drawing into looking weirder. 

It is important then, if we want artists to be happy and have AI grow alongside it, that boundaries are placed like creating laws on the use of AI generative images, as well as regulating them, especially when it comes to stealing an art style from an artist. They must ask first before they take it away. If one does not take action now, this will begin the downfall of mankind’s creative mind as a whole. 

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