Parking lot monitor maintains cheerfulness

Divvya Seernani, Reporter

In our Ranger family, there are many people who help make Clements a more beautiful place who deserve more appreciation.  From janitors to the lunch ladies, these hard workers deserve a thank you. One such person is Mr. Charles Long, the parking lot monitor. Mr. Long is a cheerful, humble man who truly enjoys his responsibilities.

Mr. Long next to his mule :)
Mr. Long next to his mule 🙂

“I feel good knowing that I’m making Clements a safe place to be,” said Long. Long’s duties include securing the property. This includes patrolling the parking lot to ensure there isn’t a fire, acts of vandalism, violence, and horse play during school hours. In addition, Mr. Long is provided with a mule vehicle to help him move around the vicinity quickly in case of an emergency.

“I enjoy this. I used to work in a prison system as a correctional officer – there was always something or the other happening. I enjoy the peace and quiet here at Clements. Also, I love communicating with the students. I want to make sure they’re always having a good day,” adds Long. As parking lot monitor, Long has to efficiently monitor some sneaky students.

“The rule is that you must have a pass in order to exit the parking lot, unless you are a parent or administrative staff member,” said Long. Long deals with students almost every hour of the day, especially during the lunch periods when students try to leave campus without a pass.

“I have a responsibility to the school and the faculty, so I cannot become lenient about this policy. If I let everyone out, there will be no one left in school!” said Long. He spends most of his time monitoring, but every now and then he’ll sit and listen to the finance and business radio station.

Mr. Charles Long’s contribution to the school is very significant. Ensuring the safety of everyone at Clements, he is surely someone we should all be thankful for.