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Adult Figures

Adult figures are an important part of someone’s childhood. When you are growing up an adult is the most important person in your life, biological or not. For a child growing up from toddler age to adolescence, an adult figure does many things for you both mentally and physically: they set examples on how to act, they provide needs and wants for you, and more. When you become older and grow into an adult, adult figures can be there to help decide and support important decisions you make. People have different definitions of an adult figure based on how they were raised, but the premise is always similar: someone who you truly love and lean on.

“An adult figure to me is someone who can instill work ethic and integrity,” Assistant Principal Matthew Warren said.

“I think an adult figure is an adult who acts as a parent for you that you trust and love like family,” student Soha Kiyani said.

An adult figure can be anyone: your neighbor, your mom or dad, your teacher, or even your coach. These figures teach you values, life lessons, and how to find yourself as you grow older. Different adults can teach you different values which is what makes everybody different.

“I’ve seen how people at school have different beliefs than me due to their parents,” student Antoine Marshall said. “Adults play a major part in shaping you as a person”. 

A person raised in a religious household will have different views and beliefs than a person raised in a non-religious household. Adult figures aren’t restricted by age either – you can be a senior citizen with an adult figure. 

“No matter the age of the person or figure, it is paramount that children have someone they can resort to for these key elements,” Warren said.

Many people grow up with only one adult figure due to one parent being absent. This can affect someone in many ways like changing their personality, mindset or values, and social life. According to the Children’s Bureau of Southern California, children with no father are more likely to end up in poverty or drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, have a child out of wedlock, or end up in prison. Lacking an adult figure can also affect someone’s emotions, with them feeling lost and not trusting anyone so they become more independent. According to research from the University of Massachusetts, “Previous research has suggested that long-term separation, from both parents or only one parent, has adverse effects including depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, behavioral problems at school, low academic achievement motivation, lack of self-esteem, misbehavior, truancy, and stealing.” However, a lack of an adult figure doesn’t always equate to no success in life. 

“Some children I have seen without an adult figure, and they maintain well because they dedicate their drive to their mission/passion,” Warren said.

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