I-Fest Infestation

I-Fest was held on April 6th, organized by the International Club. 

Various clubs and groups came together to create performances representing diverse cultures. There were multiple booths representing different countries’ cultures such as Vietnamese, Japanese, German, and Indian. While watching the performances, people could buy food from different restaurants like Sharetea, Chick-Fil-A, and Jade Garden, and can sample cultural foods from different booths.

“I-Fest is an international festival, it is one of the largest single-day events in the district, its purpose is to celebrate cultures and nationalities around the world,” I-Club hospitality co-chair Helen Peng said. “All of it is student-run and all the booths and restaurants are gathered by students. There is food, performances, booths, and extra credit opportunities. Everyone is welcome.”

 Students prepare their performances throughout the school year for this large-scale event. 

“We have been working on this dance for so long and I think it’s just really gratifying to be there to perform it,” Jaelyn Rodrigues said.

To make I-Fest a success, the International Club prepared for months. They made posters that hung from the ceiling to the ground in the commons.

“I think that it’s important to support their fellow students who have put together the cultural events and sharing the language they are learning in school,” teacher organizer Glenys McMennamy said. “It is important to see that education doesn’t just happen within our classrooms and that it can happen in fun ways… through booths and through performances.”

I-Fest promotes cultural awareness and allows students to learn about diverse cultures. 

 “There is no kind of discrimination about this, and you can just show your identity and have fun with it,” henna booth organizer Arhana Karsaliya said.

The commons were filled with hundreds of parents and students celebrating cultural diversity.

“My favorite part about I-Fest is all the varieties of cultures coming together and all the unity which makes Clements one of the most diverse schools in the district,” Japanese club member Zafir Khan said.