A Commitment to Serve

Graduation day is a day of significance for us all, as it is both a beginning and an end to a chapter in our lives. As you walk across that stage to receive a diploma, many doors beyond the school we’ve known for so long begin to open. These choices can seem overwhelming, but senior Gabriel Carlo is dead set on his choice.


Instead of following the traditional route of going to college after high school, Gabe is choosing to join and serve his country on the battlefield. Coming from a family with connections with the military, Gabe has been planning to join the Armed Forces since his freshman year. However, in his senior year, he made his choice to join the Marine Corps as an infantry soldier. 


“I think that the military is a great option for those who want strict discipline, a constant schedule, and love physical exercise,” Gabe said. “It can provide a lot of benefits to raise your status in life and help with financial problems.”


Having his military career planned out, Gabe has also looked beyond his 12-year contract with the military, and into what his life as a civilian will be like.


“Afterwards, I plan on joining the NYPD as a SWAT member, and pursuing a physical medicine degree afterwards,” Gabe said.


Despite the potential risks of joining, Gabe has made this decision as a way to discipline and prepare him with the skills necessary for life in the workforce.


“The discipline and knowledge that you gain from joining the military is something that I feel I need,” Gabe said. “I feel that if I went into college at the end of this year I wouldn’t succeed because I’d be goofing off too much.”


With all of the commitments involved in a military career, one thing of all remains in his conscience, the thought of taking another person’s life.


“One big issue for me is taking a life, as it robs someone of their opportunity to accept Christ, and as a Christian that makes me worry,” Gabe said.

Gabe has a path set for himself where he is confident about his decision to fight for his country and looks forward to the challenge of his commitment to serve.


“I don’t believe that it’ll be all sunshine and rainbows but that’s not why I joined.” Gabe said, “I want to challenge myself and find my limits and surpass them.”

*Quotes provided have been edited for the sake of clarity