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The Round Up

Supergirl Returns by Ginger

Supergirl Episode 12

Episode 12: For Good seems to serve as a buffer to force the viewers into sitting and waiting for the main plot to develop further. The past episode left thoughts lingering in our minds about World Killers and many of the other questions that were left unanswered.


Being totally honest, I got a bit bored watching Episode 12. They completely changed the view to focus on Morgan Edge and Lena Luthor’s seemingly unimportant quarrels.


But, before all of that began, Kara woke up from a dream, or more like a vision. She saw the World Killers with Reign, reigning down in a cloud of red dust. That came into play towards the end of the show, when the plot thickened.


As for Luthor and Edge, the two going back and forth accusing each other of things got a little old. Although some of you may disagree, I just didn’t see the point of this episode in how it developed the storyline.


Meanwhile, Sam was fed up with her unknown whereabouts. Even with the MRI that tested Sam’s brain, the experts found no sign of irregularity. This puts the biggest piece of dramatic irony in the show. Even though we know why she’s losing time, somehow no one can recognize her under the mask of Reign.


Back at the office, when Lena was delivered her coffee, it wasn’t very surprising when she was poisoned. I mean, if you’re going to continue with this at least make it a little more original. It sounds salty, but I’m just stating it like it is.


Turns out, the one who had been attacking Edge was actually Lena’s mother. That, at least, I wasn’t able to predict, but I didn’t appreciate her appearing back on the show when there were more pressing things at hand. Then there was a straight five minutes of them just talking, which I’m pretty sure I dozed off during.


Towards the end of the episode, Supergirl gets into a battle with Mrs. Luthor, which is when Mon El makes his first appearance in the episode to help out. Finally, when he came in to save the day, they fought together like old times.


Back at the DEO with Imra nowhere to be seen, it was nice to see Kara and Mon El talking again. But, he kept saying the same things he’s been saying throughout the season. “This must be really hard for you,” or “I know this is tough,” or “my being back here hasn’t made things easy for you.” We get it. He feels bad. Isn’t there anything else he feels too?


As a closer for the show, when Winn pulled up pictures of possible World Killers, Kara knew exactly who it was from her dream. Finally, pulling back into the plot, Kara says, “We go get her,” which brings us to Episode 13: Both Sides Now.


Supergirl Returns by Ginger