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Supergirl Returns by Ginger

Supergirl Episode 7: Wake Up


Last week’s episode of Supergirl has got me triggered. It was honestly one of the cruelest episodes of all time. I mean, seriously writers? Must you do this to your viewers, to the lovers and fans of Supergirl? It felt like a betrayal, not only to Kara, but to me too; it was as if the writers had stabbed me in the back. Episode 7: Wake Up was the episode everyone had been waiting for, but it was the exact opposite of what we had all hoped for.


Through the beginning of the whole third season, I was eagerly awaiting the return of Mon-El. I wasn’t sure of anything, but I had to have hope that Kara’s true love would reappear on the show. Otherwise, there’s nothing left for me. In last week’s episode, Mon-El finally made his reappearance on an underground ship. The ship had many large chambers with human-like aliens inside them. They appeared to be in some kind of orange gel that the ship’s systems supported. Kara had gone to find the ship that had been there for millions of years, and while she was looking around the ship, a figure emerged from the shadows. It began shooting at Kara, and when it finally came out of the dark, it was revealed to be Mon-El. This moment, when they were finally reunited, had me jumping for joy. I honestly couldn’t believe it. The one thing that I had been waiting for weeks to happen, finally did.


She took him back to the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) for him to rest, but he seemed a little different to say the least. Everyone was wondering how he was able to breathe the air still contaminated with lead, but he wouldn’t answer any of their questions. When Kara was talking to him, the writers foreshadowed what would come in later in the episode. “It’s been a tough seven months of not knowing,” she told him, and he replied, “Seven months?” This was the first thing that worried me, I mean, how long had it been for him?


When Kara got up to leave, it seemed as though Mon-El was keeping something from her. Then, when no one else was in the room, he snuck out and went to the weapons section of the DEO. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be in there and moments later, agents came in to apprehend him. Mon-El then knocked both of the agents out, but Supergirl caught him in the act. At this point, I was starting to become really disappointed. So disappointed that I wasn’t sure if that was really even Mon-El.


When he left Earth, you could see the deep love he had for Kara. He was a man that would do anything for the woman he loved, but now it was as if he didn’t even want to have been found. Something had changed, and Kara was beginning to realize it too.  


Mon-El was soon after locked up because he couldn’t be trusted. Kara went in to talk to him, and he wouldn’t say a word. There was a time when he would have done anything to be with Kara, and now he has nothing to say? Kara does not deserve that. She’s been miserable without him, and now that he’s back, he won’t even talk to her.


Soon after, Winn went to talk to him, and Mon-El convinced him to help him out. Winn let him out and took him back to the ship, where Kara followed them. She was furious and wanted to take both of them back to the DEO, but Mon-El got in her way. Kara then pushed him, accidentally grabbed his shirt, and pulled a necklace out from under his shirt. Recognizing the necklace, Kara realized it was the one she had given him many months ago before they parted ways. He took the necklace back and revealed certain parts of what had happened after he left in the pod. “It’s been seven months for you, but it has been seven years for me since the day I went in that pod. When I left earth I went through some kind of wormhole, and it took me to the future. I’ve been living on Earth in the 31st century for the past seven years. L-Corp develops a cure (for breathing lead) about 400 years from now.” Okay wait. Hold on. He’s from the future? Doesn’t that mean there’s another Mon-El out there right now who’s only been gone for seven months? Kara is shocked by all of this, and says to him, “So what? You just forgot about me? Why are you still wearing the necklace?” Honestly though, since he’s still wearing it, does that mean there’s still a fighting chance for their relationship?


Before he could answer her, the ship’s systems began to fail, meaning all of the aliens in the chambers were going to die. He was able to reroute the power to all of the chambers, except one with a woman inside. The woman began to drown, and there was an obvious concern shown in Mon-El face. He tried punching the glass frantically to let her out, but he wasn’t strong enough. Supergirl then shattered the glass for him, and Mon-El rushed to the woman’s side to hold her in his arms. Seeing him so concerned about this other girl really hurt me. He was so worried about her and her well-being, but that’s what I want to see him like with Kara. Kara is the one he should be worrying about, the one he should want to protect, even if she doesn’t need his protection. I understand that he’s been gone for seven years, but what, he just forgot about her? I guess he had to have moved on after seven years, but now that Kara’s back, it’s as if he’s not even considering their history and what they had together. Can’t he at least have the decency to tell her what’s going on? That’s the least that she deserves.


When they got back to the DEO, it showed several people looking over the woman. She was revealed as Imra, an alien from Titan. Mon-El didn’t say much when Kara asked who she was, just as evasive as he’d been since he got back.


Later, Mon-El and Kara were overlooking the city, and finally they talked like they once did. He seemed to almost give her hope for them when he told her, “You have to believe that no matter what century, or universe, or world that I’m living in, that I would never forget you. Never.” How are they not perfect for each other? How could either of them find anyone who is more right for themselves but each other?


He was about to tell Kara about Imra, but then Imra got up and walked over to them herself. The happiness on Mon-El’s face when he saw Imra up crushed all of my hopes. Without saying another thing to Kara, Mon-El walked up to Imra and, out of nowhere, kissed her. The love that he once had for Kara, he was now showing to this other woman. The fact that he showed all of this affection towards her in front of Kara was really just wrong. He knows exactly how she feels about him, yet without her even knowing about him and Imra, he goes straight up to her and kisses her. Once he realized Kara was still there, he introduced her saying, “Kara, this is Imra Ardeen, my wife.” When he revealed that she was his wife, I was furious. I mean, just how long did it take for him to forget about Kara? Did he just get to the new century and think, “Hey well, new year new me!” No. He has a wife? How in the world do the writers think that this is an okay thing to do? It’s not! They get my hopes up for Kara and Mon-El, and then they crush those hopes and dreams just like that. It’s not right, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the chance for Kara and Mon-El to fall back in love with each other.


This episode in particular may have had me and many other viewers fuming, but viewing it in a different perspective, it could ultimately be something good for the show. Maybe eventually Mon-El will come to his senses and “Wake Up”. Or, maybe Supergirl will find the Mon-El of today rather than the one from the future. But if she does, he won’t have been cured of his lead allergy will he? All of these questions are simply maddening, and as of right now, the writers have officially left me infuriated.

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Supergirl Returns by Ginger