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Undefinable Words by Ginger

Love. How does one even explain the concept of love? Love is…complicated to say the least. It’s caring for someone or something, it’s the inexplicable passion you feel when you hear their name, it’s the undeniable feeling of something missing when they’re not around.

For many, it’s hard to open your heart to let someone in; in fact, it’s terrifying. As you “fall” in love, many people are afraid of the inevitable crash at the end of the fall. Many people are led to believe that the landing is a hurtful mess, and they are against the idea of letting another into their heart. People believe that if you let love into your heart, eventually, it will be lost.

But, there’s a beautiful aspect about love that those people fail to see. Why does the fall have to end in a crash? Through the fall, memories are made that last a lifetime. A newfound sense of joy and happiness fills your everyday life. There is a comfort in knowing that no matter the place, no matter the time, no matter the reason, they are always there. So, at the end of the fall, who’s to say you didn’t land exactly where you belong?

“If you love someone you open up your heart. When you love someone you make room. If you love someone, and you’re not afraid to lose them you probably never loved someone like I do.” – Love Someone by Lukas Graham

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Undefinable Words by Ginger