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Supergirl Returns by Ginger

This year, DC writers completed Supergirl season 2. Season 3 will premiere on Monday, October 9th. As a refresher for those who forgot, Kara Zor-el, otherwise known as Supergirl, is an alien from the planet of Krypton. Her planet was destroyed just after she was sent to Earth, which affected their rival planet, Daxam. Over the course of the season, we got to know Mon-el, a Daxamite that escaped his planet and landed on Earth. In the beginning, Kara and Mon-el were hostile due to the rivalry of their planets. Daxamites were known to be selfish and self-centered, but as the season progressed, we were able to see Mon-el change for the better. We observed a budding romance that everyone of us was rooting for, but Kara continuously pushed Mon-el away. Eventually, Kara finally realized Mon-el was perfect for her. Their romance bloomed, putting a little more spice into the show. Later on, we found out that Mon-el was the prince of Daxam, which led to the discovery that his parents, the king and queen, had been looking for him all across the galaxy. In finding him, the Daxam royalty brought along all of the Daxamites to take over planet earth. Kara challenged the queen to a fight to the death: If Kara won, the queen was to leave. If the queen won, Daxamites would take over the Earth. The queen agreed with this, but when Kara won, she refused to leave. The entire Daxamite population began invading the Earth, destroying and killing everything in their paths. Earlier on, Kara was given a device to use that would rid all Daxamites of the Earth by releasing lead into the air. If she unleashed it, Mon-el would be forced to leave. She was faced with an impossible choice: Save the Earth, or save her one and only love? Being the hero that she is, Kara used the device to save the planet. She knew what she had done, and rushed Mon-el to his pod before the lead killed him. Right before he left, Kara finally told him she loved him for the first time, and it was utterly AMAZING. There was no one more perfect for each other than Kara and Mon-el, so this moment was both special and devastating. To make it even worse, we saw Mon-el in his ship in outer space. A giant black hole appeared, and Mon-el was gone. Kara didn’t know any of this, and she stood outside wondering if she had done the right thing. As the episode neared to an end, we saw Supergirl and Superman talking. He said that if it was him, he wouldn’t have been able to choose the world over his love. Would you?

Supergirl Returns by Ginger