New Year, New Rules, New Complaints

The new school year is finally here and in full swing, unfortunately, there have been many recent changes implemented this year to increase overall safety. The majority of the students are unhappy with the changes, specifically the emphasized dress code and the implementation of an official entrance and exit to the school. 

We at The RoundUp decided to interview students, staff, and teachers to see how they feel about the new regulations.


For the most part, students do not necessarily have a problem getting to and from class in the allotted time. However, the issue lies in the idea of having new and official ways to go up and down the school, as well as the new entrance routes. This creates chokepoints in the hallways and massive crowds of students stuck in stairwells.


“I think they’re pretty dumb, and none of them except the limited entry points are going to stop or mitigate a threat,” junior Oliver Mills said


Contradictorily, the administrative staff and teachers agreed and liked the rules, like the dress code and the entree and existing ways.


“I definitely think the idea is good, I think we are keeping a better track of where students are at all times rather them letting them roam around in the hallways after school,” English II ACC teacher Stephanie Yang said.


Mr. Bird, one of the six assistant principals, told us that it was to ensure the student’s safety, and said “Safety is not convenient”. 


When asking the students about the new dress code, they had differing answers.


“I think certain things are understandable like inappropriate brands or logos but the policies on shoulders and showing skin that were recently added much benefit. None of what they’re trying to say was ‘distracting’ is really distracting to the majority of people,” Mills said.


Sophomore Elliana Crews felt the implementation of the dress code felt too strict and sexist towards girls.


“I don’t support the dress code rules because I feel like students should be able to wear what they want when they want since school should be a comfortable environment,” sophomore Jordyn Proba said. “Since the school is going through with these dress code rules, it should be fair, boys should get dress coded for their shorts just like how the girls get dress coded.”


The staff and administrators were mostly in agreement with the idea of emphasizing the dress code.


“I am in favor of it actually, when I first came to this school, I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be much discipline on that regarding dress code,” Yang said.


Even though safety is paramount in this day and age and the reason for these rules, many students have confessed problems with the overall regulations and rules implemented this year. Change is always difficult, but a revision to the new restrictions is a necessity in the eye of the student body.