Marching Forward, Looking Back


Head drum major, Lamha Mehdi, wearing this year’s new marching band uniform.

The Clements Band is a highly award-winning band in both concert and marching seasons. They have continued their success, passing down a legacy to newer generations. The band performs at football halftime shows with their traditional uniforms in school colors. This was a popular trend amongst many other schools’ shows. However, the marching band has taken an evolution in terms of their expectations toward creativity and the ‘wow factor’. To suffice these changes, the Clements Band breaks their tradition by implementing uniforms based on their show rather than school colors. 


This year’s marching show is called “Moving forward, looking back”. It features a mixture of new vibrant purple and pink. These colors reflect on their performance clothes with patterns of arrows as an aspect of the show. 


“I think it is exciting to be given the opportunity to be a part of this year’s changing of the uniform, especially it being my last year,” senior Marissa Yeh said. 


While this is a big chance, not everyone is as accustomed to these broken traditions.


“I believe that the new uniforms have gotten rid of the Clements band and guard tradition,” junior Koroush Akhlaghi said.


Some students have a connection to these school colors. Others have a connection to those who were in the past year of the Clements band. Siblings, friends, or even parents could contribute greatly to this bond toward the typical colors.


“It’s great that we get something new besides black and blue,” junior Andy Nassar said.


Traditionally, the Clements Band had its field covered in black, blue, and white. Even when they received new uniforms, they changed in design but stayed consistent with their colors. The band director, Jeff Johnson, emphasizes the changes that the marching band industry has been making. 


“Marching band has turned more into a show rather than just a marching performance. It is no longer just technique and playing, but how you impact the audience,” Johnson said.


Colored outfits will contribute greatly to the feeling of a performance.


“I feel as though the change is a fresh and new way for the band to modernize,” senior Harry Li said.