Boys Basketball Playoffs

This year was what you could call monumental for Clements High School boys basketball. To really show this lets name the record breaking scores that took place during their games, starting with their game against George Rance on the 11th of February. This game was a home conference game that ended up being 50-57, next their game against Bush High School took place the following Tuesday with a score of 51-48, the next game took place a week later against Tompkins High school with a score of 40-37. Friday the 25th the team went up against Cypress and ended with a score of 52-50, the second to last game occured on the first of March against Mayde Creek with a score of 49-42. The state game which was unfortunately a loss for the Clements team against Atascocita ended with a score of 54-61. 


Sophomore Divine Ugo was even given the title of Fort Bend Isd basketball MVP, which is of course a huge accomplishment for both the player and Clements!  This season was by far the most memorable season of boys basketball at Clements in the last few years. This season not only meant alot to the players and coaches but to all the people who came to watch all of the games. 


Records were made this year for Clements boys basketball, in the history of Clements boys basketball no team has ever achieved making it to playoffs. This season of basketball will forever be remembered by the team and especially by all the seniors whose last year was made memorable by the excitement of the playoffs.