Beauty Week


Beauty Week is a yearly spirit week sponsored by Student Council and organized by the junior and sophomore classes as their class project. “Beauty week is all about spreading kindness to yourself and other people,” said Executive of Student Council Audrey Lai. “We have Beauty Week to spread more kindness as sometimes the school can be very toxic.” 

This year’s beauty week is extra special as it is in collaboration with No Place 4 Hate and includes the special spirit days as well as certain challenges to push students to spread positivity and kindness to others. If you participate in at least 5 of the activities or challenges you can get a FREE Beauty Week shirt that you can pick up during both lunches Wednesday and Thursday in front of the counselors’ office. 


The beauty week activities and challenges include:


2/7- Lighten Up: wear pastel! Challenge: write positive affirmations in room 1115

2/8- “hope ur ok”: write an encouraging anonymous note for your peers!! (near the Beauty Week backdrop) Challenge: help around the house

2/9- Pen-A-Pal: write a note to your friends and teachers (room 1115 during lunch) Challenge: same as the activity

2/10- Clip a Compliment. Challenge: Pay it forward

2/11- Be your kind of Beautiful: wear your Beauty Week shirt! Challenge: sit with someone you don’t know.


When asked what beauty means to them, senior Juliette Van Dijk said, “Beauty means loving who you are and spreading that to other people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it’s not always what’s perfect, but what’s real.”