DECA Nationals 2021

DECA is a nationwide club that focuses on business, management and entrepreneurship. It is an interactive and competitive organization for high school students. Every year for DECA, there is something called DECA Nationals where kids from all different schools compete in DECA related competitions. DECA Nationals is the second highest point in the DECA competition tier. This year due to the pandemic, the competition was a little different. 


This year was the first virtual DECA convention. The conference started on April 12th ending on May 6th. All the normal role plays and events that the students would be participating in at Nationals any other year were held online. Throughout the conference different DECA events were scheduled throughout the conference dates. There were multiple events at the conference including qualifications, official listing, recognition and awards, sponsored events, allocations, and transcripts.


“It was a little easier this year due to the pandemic. We had more time to work on our role plays and prepare.” Said Sophomore, Richelle Rana.


To qualify for DECA Nationals, students must be an active member in the club and write an entry that must then be approved by their chartered association. They must also have participated in more local DECA competitions to compete at DECA Nationals. Clements has been an active participant at DECA Nationals over the years and Covid- 19 didn’t change that for this year. Twenty five Clements students competed at Nationals this year, including Richelle Rana.


Though the conference looked alot different this year, the students still got to show their knowledge of business through the virtual events. Congratulations to all those who participated at Nationals, and those going on even further.