JV Boys Basketball vs. Covid


Covid-19 has affected everything and everyone, including Clements sports. The JV boys basketball team isn’t letting the virus get in the way of their hard work on the court.  While the team perseveres through the pandemic, there are some setbacks and things that the boys wouldn’t have to deal with it if it were any other year without a global pandemic.


The team is a little smaller than it would be in other years with only seven boys on the roster. This was an obstacle that Covid threw at the team this year, but the team has worked just as hard despite having a smaller team than usual. There are 1-2 practices almost every day of the school week. Coaches and players are only allowed to come to the practice if you don’t show any symptoms of illness. So if any of the players aren’t feeling healthy, they would have to stay home for the safety and health of the rest of the team.


“The team started off really strong but then a bunch of kids quit due to covid, which makes it really hard to win games. But we are all trying our best” said JV basketball player Nicholas McEnaney.


Another setback is that a lot of games have been delayed or canceled due to the pandemic. There are fewer games than there would usually be. This isn’t great news for any of the teams but it is for the safety of the players and their families. School and coaches are taking it very seriously. Since there are fewer games, the team will just have to work twice as hard at the games they can actually play in, like their next game on Wednesday the 10th against Bush High School. It is a home game and starts at 5:30.


The Basketball experience is very different for everyone this season. It is not only weird for the people on the court, but also for the people in the stands who want to watch the games.  Hopefully, the turbulence from the pandemic will allow the players to appreciate the game more and persevere in a way like they never have before.