Clements Girls Varsity Volleyball


On Nov. 13, the Lady Rangers season came to an end. With a record of 7-14 their season met its close. The team finished with ranking 6th in the district. I spoke with junior Kaylyn Taylor, an outside hitter on the team, about this year’s season. 


“We had really high hopes for this season. Our motto was GTB, meaning get that banner,” Taylor said. “Even though we didn’t reach our goal, we improved a lot with the little time we had to prepare. Our goal next year is to make the playoffs.”


“One thing I wish we could have done better this year was establishing a connection on the court earlier this season,” said Julia Liang, also a junior on the team. “But this year we were also able to execute better and earn points.”


I also spoke to the two players about the difference in this year’s season due to Covid-19. “It was a big change from what we had usually done before,” Taylor explained. Now we had to wear our masks anytime that we weren’t on the court and when we’re on the sidelines we have to be spaced out now,” 


“There were also just a lot more rules put in place to make sure everyone was being safe.” said Liang.


“We always had to use hand sanitizer when coming off the court too,” Taylor said. We also didn’t know how to react to each other, because we didn’t know if we could huddle or cheer together like we used to.”


Like Kaylyn said about having little time to prepare, the beginning of the season had to function differently due to Covid. She explained to me that they only had a week and a half of practice opposed to 2 to 3 weeks of scrimmages and practices.


Good job to the Girl’s Varsity team and hopefully next year you guys can “GTB!”