Choir & Orchestra Performances


This week is a great one for our Fine Arts department – not only does the Choir have a Winter Concert on Friday, but the Orchestras also have a Winter Concert on Thursday.

The Orchestras have recorded a Winter Concert that will go live at 7pm Thursday on their website. The 17 videos are hosted by YouTube, and most will be available through Dec. 13. 

On Friday, the Choir will be performing their annual Winter Concert via Zoom at 7pm. The link to watch is forthcoming. “It’s the most fun show of the year,” senior Co-Librarian Tiffany Eke said. “We do a lot of carols and well known songs, as well as the yearly tradition of performing Sleigh Bells.” 

The annual tradition is an exciting thing for the Choir to be able to preserve, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic, but there is change happening in order to keep the program fresh. “The general format for this year is different, with a lot more small ensembles so we can get to more songs,” Eke said. With Christmas being one of her favorite holidays, she’s excited that Choir is able to share any version of the concert. “We already had to miss a couple of fun senior year traditions for COVID-19,” Eke said. “I’m so happy that we can do this concert, and hopefully I can come see next year’s and sing Sleigh Bells with the new varsity members.”